About Us

2013_12_happy_hound_0214An Expert, Loving Touch that Brings Out the Best in Your Dog

At Happy Hound, we are dedicated to giving all of our dogs the quality care that promotes health, happiness, and well-being. And that dedication has been 30 years in the making!

Suzanne Golter, Happy Hound’s owner and manager, has been raising dogs, horses, cows, goats and other animals for over three decades.

But it is her great love of dogs that makes Happy Hound the ultimate play adventure and nurturing environment for your canine companion.

This love of dogs has led Suzanne to years of study. She has taken Dog Assessment classes; she is also trained in pet CPR and first aid.

Understanding Dog Behavior

Suzanne has also completed numerous dog behavior and training classes, studying under Certified Animal Behaviorist Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D. (author of Phobic Pooches, Animal Behavior, Dominance in Dogs, and Making the kennel More Like a Home Away from Home).

Through these classes, Suzanne has gained a great understanding of dog behavior, pack behavior, and dog body language.

She passes on this expert knowledge to all of our doggy supervisors. The result: Happy Hound is a place where every dog gets the treatment he or she needs to grow and flourish.