Not Just Daycare… Playcare!

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Our facility is open seven days a week for all-day play.  Whether your dog is a shy wallflower, a social butterfly, or a ball playing jock/jockette, he or she is going to be comfortable and have a great time at Happy Hound.  We cater to the needs of all our clients.

We even take extra, loving care with those who have separation anxiety (the dogs, not the parents), to help them acclimate into the proper social group.

We have four main rooms for play:

Big Hound Playground.  This is our largest room, with access to an outside sundeck.

Middle Hound Town.  This is for our elite athletes.  No matter how hard we try, it’s always a challenge to wear out this crowd.

Little Hound Town.  This is for our small dogs and puppies.

Little Barker Outback.  This room caters to our clients that need smaller group play.

All of our rooms include top-of-the-line doggy beds, water for hydration all day long, play structures, climbing structures and splash pools when weather permits.  We have a superior staff-to-dog ratio, to ensure safe play at all times.

All of our cleaning products in the dog playrooms are environmentally green to ensure the best care and safety of our guests who may have allergies, or who are just concerned about the environment.

For those dogs that do not qualify for any of these 4 play rooms, we offer an Enhanced Care program. In the Enhanced Care program, we welcome dogs that are not spayed/neutered, have socialization or behavior challenges, or are older and require more attention. We offer one-on-one care and individual walks for the participants.

Note:  At Happy Hound, all dogs are interviewed to make sure they are friendly and will work well in the social environment.  To save time, please fill out our daycare & boarding questionnaire online. Contact us to set up an assessment.