Your dog will love our training. You’ll love the results.

ForceFree™ Dog Training: Only 2 weeks to the ideal pet and a happier hound — guaranteed for life!

Is your dog frequently in the “dog house” due to bad behavior?  Do you wish you could more fully enjoy your best friend, without the aggravation of making constant corrections?

You can.  No matter what your dog’s issues are, our ForceFree dog training can help.

The ForceFree Method we use makes sense to dogs because it works with their instincts, not against them like so many methods.  Most dogs perceive this training as simple “pack cooperation” and play—so they quickly shed rebellious behavior.

And this approach makes sense to people too.  We’re able to achieve off-leash reliability, even with distractions, amazingly fast.  Your dog will give you more focus than you dreamed possible.

Here’s how it works.

  • Our trainers will work with you to determine which training methodology is the best fit for you and your dog.
  • Your dog spends 2 fun weeks with us at Happy Hound—then a lifetime of happiness and control are yours.  (1-week and 4-day options also available; click for program options.)
  • When you come to pick up your dog, we’ll show you what your dog has learned and walk you through the instructions.
  • You’ll have total control on and off leash, without force or frustration.  And with our 1-week or 2-week program, results are guaranteed for life!
  • If necessary, a trainer can come to your home for a reinforcement visit.

A well-trained dog is a happy hound, and that makes for a happy master too! So call now to invest in a happier relationship with your dog.

FREE IN-PERSON EVALUATION.  Contact us to talk things over and help you sort out which program is best for you.  Other training options are also available.

To save time, you can fill out our training questionnaire and daycare & boarding questionnaire online. Contact us to set up an assessment.