Dog Walking

oakland dog walking servicesWalks are critical to the mental and physical well-being of dogs. Our dog walks provide an opportunity for your best friend to have fun, socialize, and stay in shape. One of the greatest gifts you can give your dog is more time outside to experience new sights, sounds, and smells.

Where Are Our Adventures?

Our walks take place in many different locations around the Oakland, Berkeley, and Emeryville area. One day they may be hiking in the Berkeley/Oakland Hills (Berkeley Fire Trails, Strawberry Canyon, Knowland Park, and York Trail are some of our favorites), and another day at a dog park (Point Isabel and the Albany Bulb are wonderful locations). We’ve even been known to take them through different neighborhoods for an urban dog walk experience. We like to surprise the dogs with new locations and adventures each day!

Every morning we evaluate the weather, personalities of our pack, and other environmental indicators to determine the best location for the day. All dogs remain on a leash during the walks to ensure safety.

Benefits of Happy Hound Dog Walkshappy hound dog walking oakland

The tremendous benefits of dog walks are commonly known. More walks = happier and healthier dogs. What makes Happy Hound dog walks even better is that they’re conducted by Happy Hound employees who are able to reinforce training. Our dog walkers will fine tune leash skills and other basic etiquette. You’ll find that after just a few dog walking adventures with us, your best friend will be happier, healthier, and eager to show off his/her polished behavior.

Group vs. Private Walks

Most dogs do well on group walks. In fact, they often prefer the experience of being part of the pack. We do offer private walks for those dogs that have reactivity issues with other dogs/people, have special needs (physical or emotional), or prefer one-on-one walks. During your assessment, our staff will work with you and your dog to determine which is the best fit.

oakland dog walking serviceLogistics

  • If your dog is already at Happy Hound for daycare/boarding, we will take them directly from the playgroup when it’s time for their walk.
  • If your dog is at home, we offer pick-ups and drop-offs. Leave us 2 copies of your key, instructions (which can be provided on the assessment form below), and we’ll pick up your pooch for an adventure. We’ll even towel off your dog upon returning home so that there’s nothing for you to do except enjoy your happy hound when you get back home.
  • All dogs must be up-to-date with shots, spayed/neutered, and pass our assessment process.
  • Each walk is 1 hour.

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happy hound eligibility requirements

In order to get started, please complete the dog walking assessment form. Once complete, give us a call (510-547-3647) to schedule an assessment with your dog. We can come to you, or you can meet us at Happy Hound.

Current Happy Hound clients utilizing our other services will also be required to complete a dog walking assessment. As the criteria for dog walking in a group is slightly different than our other services, the assessment is necessary to ensure that we maintain a safe environment.

Fill out the Adventure Walk contract here.


$35 – Group Walk

$55 – Private Walk