Scott’s 5 Year Happy Hound Anniversary

March 28th, 2014

scott happy hound anniversary

I can’t believe that soon it will be my 5th year at Happy Hound. I love working in a fast paced environment with dogs. My day starts off with picking up dogs from clients’ homes and ends with seeing them leave all worn out and ready to snooze. It all started five years ago when I was laid off from my job with the City of Berkeley. I was looking for employment and Suzanne told me about her bustling business. I liked dogs and thought it would be a good fit so she hired me.

In my five years, I have seen many changes.  The grooming department has grown from just one to now three groomers.  Our dog training department puts lots of time, energy, and professionalism into every dog they train. Our computerized check-in system really speeds things up and gets clients out and dog in quickly and efficiently. I know it is a great help to our front desk and our never to be out-done boarding department.

There is one thing that happened to me that can’t be beat. My co-worker Marisa told me that Sam the corgi needed a home,  He had been a client of Happy Hound for six years at that time. Sadly, his mom had recently passed away. I had only known him from our dog walks at work and always thought he was a great dog.  With Marisa’s encouragement and Suzanne’s blessing, I am now a proud doggie parent.

As a Happy Hound employee, I get to see things first hand how my little guy is treated and when I go on vacation I can rest assured that he is being well taken care of.

I am glad that Suzanne took a chance with me. By working at Happy Hound  it gives me a chance to show love and take care of hundreds of dogs including my Sammy.