May Doggie Spotlight!

May 28th, 2014

We have so many wonderful dogs that come to Happy Hound each day, and we wanted to showcase just a few of them. It was difficult to choose only a few dogs, but we look forward to turning the spotlight on more pups in the future. Don’t be surprised to see your favorite pooch front and center! Every day when we come to work we look forward to seeing these dogs. Here are their stories…


Gimli Minger

viento at happy houndWe are so grateful that [Gimli] has a safe place to go! We have an older dog, 13.5 years old and Gimli would probably drive him nuts if they were home together all day. We know the staff is fond of him and treat him with kindness.”

Gimli, the Icelandic Sheepdog, came from Southern California. When he was just eight weeks old his mom, Patricia flew down to take him home with her. Gimli comes to Happy Hound almost every day and he loves to say “hello” to everyone before he goes into play group. Like most dogs, Gimli loves his belly rubs!





Kekoa Ferreira

kekoa at happy houndNeither of us has ever had a dog so well behaved and socially adjusted. Our initial intent was to just use Happy Hound’s training services, but once we realized the benefits of having her socialize with so many different dogs and people during daycare, we were hooked. The staff is amazing, friendly and professional. We love the fact that we can drop her off any time and know that she’s in good hands with the staff. It gives us peace of mind when we can watch her online with the cameras while we’re on vacation. It’s satisfying to know we can take her anywhere, on or off leash, without fear of her misbehaving. She’s a big, strong girl and without the training and social skills she’s gotten from Happy Hound, it’s easy to imagine how difficult she could have been to handle. Instead, we’ve got a 90 lb lap dog, and the three of us couldn’t be happier!”

Kekoa is a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback with white “socks”. After her parents decided they wanted a Ridgeback they began checking for puppies on the Bay Area Rhodesian Ridgeback Club’s website. One December morning they went to see a litter in Sebastopol and immediately fell in love with an adorable scrappy little girl with a white paw. Kekoa is always cool and collected in play group. She likes roaming around and greeting the other dogs but loves to lounge on the purple couch!


Viento Martinez-Roberts

gimli at happy hound“Viento is very well socialized because of his time at Happy Hound since he was four months old. We are so glad to know that we are leaving Viento at a place where he is loved and cared for. An added impact has been getting to know the staff. Great and friendly folks!”

Viento, the Bernese Mountain mix arrived in style at SFO after his journey from Missouri. He was an adorable 15 lb puppy when he found his home with his new parents. Viento is always a joy to have in play group! He is a gentle giant who plays really well with the puppies and loves to play in the rain with Scout, the German Pointer.


 Eggs Rothman

eggs at happy hound“Eggs has been an amazing addition to our family. He keeps our 11 year old Boxer, Haley young and energized. He [also] keeps our cat, Moof on her toes with his constantly rebuffed and over-exuberant attempts to be her best friend. He’s a fun, goofy, adorable cuddle-bug who makes us laugh constantly.”

Eggs is a quirky Pit Bull mix who was rescued by his family from Petfinder.com. Eggs always loves to play in Middle Hound Town with his buddies, especially Fiona. He has a distinct bark that sounds more like a Sea Lion and less like a dog. Eggs is a big dog with an even bigger personality who loves attention from the staff. Eggs is also a Happy Hound success story. There was a time where he had difficulties fitting in to play group but he went through our training program and now is very popular in play group.



Scout Husseini

scout at happy houndHappy Hound enables us to go to work and on trips without having to worry about Scout’s well being and it gives Scout something to look forward to every day. Scout LOVES to go to Happy Hound so much that he often begs us on the weekends to take him to daycare so he can play with his friends. We believe Scout thinks he has two home—ours and Happy Hound.”

Scout is a spirited German Pointer with bundles of energy. After watching many of his 11 brothers and sisters go home with new families, Scout desperately wanted to find a family of his own to love him. His parents, Dana and Mohammed, were smitten by his sweet and adorable face. It was love at first sight. Scout won his parents over with his slobbery face licks and wagging tail. Most days you will find Scout playing with his best friend Bailey who is another German Pointer…or chasing butterflies on the sun deck.


Spencer Mann-Serventi

spencer at happy hound“Happy Hound equals peace of mind for us. I do not know what we would do without the loving staff, daycare, boarding hours and services. We always know Spencer is safe, happy and loved”

Spencer joined his family in 2005 when his parents adopted him from Tony La Russa Animal Rescue Foundation. His parents were on a walk when they noticed a little dog barking in the window and they just had to meet him. It was love at first sight and it was then that his parents felt “rescued” themselves. Spencer is a cool cucumber when he is in play group. He mostly likes to sit back and watch the other dogs play. His most favorite thing is spending time snuggling with the staff. I remember when little Spencer boarded with us and I made him a cozy bed and sat with him in his room. Spencer always make Little Hound Town a better place.