Who’s New to the Happy Hound Playground?

October 6th, 2014

It’s that time of year again: the leaves are starting to change, the weather is cooler and children are well into their new school year. Happy Hound is no exception for new “students”. We are fortunate to meet new pups all year round. Happy Hound has three different hound towns that pooches can play in and similar to kids going to school, we give report cards to the parents when their furry kid have their first day. Meet some of our newest students on their first day at Happy Hound.

little kona happy houndLittle Kona the Shih Tzu puppy had his first day in Little Hound Town and he had a ball! Most pups are a little timid on their first day but not this guy! He walked right into Little Hound Town as if he had been coming here for years. It was wonderful seeing this plucky Shih Tzu bounding up to the other Happy Hounders with his curly tail wagging and a smile on his face. Kona loved overseeing the little dogs from atop the play structures and soon made a friend in Frankie the French bull dog. Kona also seemed to really enjoy his nap time where he got some well-deserved rest before going home.




big kona happy houndWe have another Kona that just started coming here but she is a brawny Pit Bull mix who plays in Middle Hound Town. This hound town is for the dogs that love to play all day and have a lot of energy. Kona was pretty nervous on her first day of school but like most good students she is a good listener. She was not used to a play group setting and had to learn how to play with the other kids but big Kona is a fast learner and now plays with the cool girls in Middle Hound Town. Kona loves to play with Quinn the German Shepard and Maggie the Doberman and she has settled into Middle Hound Town nicely.


gracie happy hound oakland

Beautiful Gracie is one of our newest classmates to Big Hound Town. Big Hound Town is for the bigger dogs who like to relax and play throughout the day. Gracie was very shy on her first day but once she settled into play group she came out of her shell. Gracie is definitely a teacher’s pet! She loved to follow the handler’s around and watch the other dogs play. She is very dainty on her feet and enjoys soaking up the sun rays when she’s on the sun deck.

It is always fun to meet the new dogs that come to play here and they make Happy Hound better every day. We always look forward to meeting new pups and it’s great to see dogs excited to come into play group and reunite with their friends!