3 Ways to Show Your Dogs You Love Them

February 4th, 2015

It’s February, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And we at Happy Hound love our dogs just as much as the special people in our life. But dogs speak a different language than we do, so how can you tell your dogs you love them in a way they understand? Below are 3 tips you can use to communicate your love.

1501794_690886797600587_440132722_n1. Act like a pack leader instead of a playmate. At the end of the work day, or after picking your dog up from Happy Hound, he’s excited to see you. He may want to jump up on you or race around the house, and the next thing you know, you’re tussling in the back yard. By jumping right into play time, you gave up the role of pack leader, instead of making it clear that play begins only when he’s calm, responsive, and when you say play starts. So don’t confuse your dog by sometimes being alpha, and sometimes being his buddy. Your dog will feel more secure when there are consistent rules and boundaries.

10172694_750002091689057_635562640988464740_n2. Exercise. And lots of it! On days you don’t bring your dog to Happy Hound, you can show your pooch you love her by going for long walks, throwing a ball, or spending time learning new tricks or reinforcing the training they already have (mental stimulation counts as exercise too!). Taking the time to go outside together will show her you want to spend time with her, too.

10151200_866599933362605_4756949098954046285_n3. Affectionin the right places. Our first instinct when we see a dog is often to pet them on the head. You may notice that they move their head of back away. To you, petting a dog on the head may seem like you’re showering them with love, but to him it’s a sign of dominance. And it doesn’t feel as good as a nice scratch under the chin, behind their ears, or a good belly rub. Often we stand over our dog to give them affection, but that still shows dominance. Getting down on the floor with them or kneeling to their level demonstrates trust and equality. Your dog wants to connect with you, so giving them lots of attention and affection in the right way will make your dog feel happy loved. And at Happy Hound, we love a happy dog!