4 Tips to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking

March 13th, 2015

It’s never fun when your canine companion barks every time someone comes to the door, or when they see a dog while driving in the car with you. It can be a persistent and challenging problem to correct. So what’s a dog owner to do when their dog won’t stop barking?

1. Be consistent with your corrections

Whether you tell your dog to stop barking with a look, a noise, an e-collar, or a yank on the leash, stay on alert. Your dog may stop barking for just a moment, but then go right back to it. Stay close by so you can administer another correction if the barking starts again. Wait until your dog’s attention has shifted fully from whatever it was barking at and on to you before you go back to what you were doing.

happy-hound-dog-treadmill2. Give your dog a mental and physical challenge

Barking can sometimes be the result of lots of pent up energy. If that’s why your dog is barking, you’ve got an easy fix. Take your dog for a daily walk, drop them at Happy Hound, or hire a neighbor to take them on a playdate in the park. You could take up obstacle challenges, obedience training, or agility courses to give both of you a new way to bond, and to replace barking with something much more fun.

3. Stay calm

Incessant barking is irritating, but if you get riled up too, you won’t be able to effectively stop the behavior. Dogs mirror the energy of those around them, so if you are anxious and frustrated, he’ll feel that way, too. Dogs respond to strong, alpha energy. So stay calm, assertive, and be firm with what you’re asking your dog to do.


2013_12_happy_hound_01654. Get professional help

If you’ve tried the above, and it’s not working, or you don’t have the time to train the bark out of your dog, you may need an extra set of hands. You can bring your dog in to Happy Hound for a short round of training and we’ll make sure your dog is no bark (and no bite!).