How Do I Give My Dog a Bath?

April 3rd, 2015

2013_12_happy_hound_0019@2xIf your dog has ever come home from a romp in the mud or an encounter with a skunk, you may be asking yourself ‘how do I give my dog a bath?’ If the groomer are fully booked or are closed until next Monday, here are keys to washing your dirty dawg.

Make It Fun

First things first, make bath time seem fun for your dog. Put your dog in the tub and give him treats, toys, affection, and praise. Get them used to being in an empty tub, and reinforce the fact that it’s a fun place to be by having them spend time there getting lots of love.

Start Young

If you have a puppy, start getting her used to the bathtub and bath time as young as possible. She won’t object to the experience when she’s younger since there won’t be any negative associations with it. Getting her used to it now will prevent a hassle when she’s older…and bigger!

Use the Right Shampoo

Keep bath time as pleasant as possible by using a shampoo that agrees with your dog’s skin. Ideally you want a mild soap that cleans and removes odors without stripping away important oils. If you want some suggestions for shampoos, come into Happy Hound and chat with our groomers and we’re happy to recommend a good shampoo for your dog.

Wash From the Neck Down

Make sure you keep water out of their ears. It’s not only uncomfortable, but it can cause health problems down the line. If your dog will let you, you can put cotton balls in their ears. Otherwise, avoid their ears altogether. You also want to avoid getting water in their eyes and mouth. Instead of using the hose or shower head, you can wet a washcloth and gently clean their face around those areas.

Tumble Dry

No, don’t put your dog in the dryer! But you and your dog can go into the back yard for tumble, a shimmy and a shake to dry off. Some dogs are tolerant of hair dryers. If yours isn’t, just use an absorbent towel. Finish up with lots of affection, a treat, and some words of praise.

If this all sounds like too much work, bring your dog into Happy Hound for VIP bath time treatment.