What Kind of Dog Breed is Right for Me?

May 23rd, 2015

So you’re considering getting your first (or second, or tenth) dog and you find yourself asking “what kind of dog breed is right for me?” Below you’ll find a general guideline for some questions you might be asking about your potential next dog: are they easy to train? good with kids? do they have excessive energy? live well in apartments?

Easy to Train
Cattledog_Little_JoeIf you’re looking for a dog with a high intelligence level who will be a quick study, look no further than the Australian cattle dog. They are highly intelligent, quick to learn new skills and tricks, and aim to please. Other dog breeds who are easy to train are retrievers (golden and labrador), border collies, German Shepherds, cocker spaniels, and poodles (toy and standard).


Good with Kids
275475075_85a50a311dIf you have a child or one is on the way, you want to take into consideration how kid-friendly your next dog will be. Dogs that are notoriously good with children are retrievers (golden and labrador). Other dog breeds that are especially good with kids are spaniels, collies, Bernese mountain dogs, and terriers.

shihtzu_robinson2If you’ve always wanted a dog but couldn’t because you’re allergic, hypoallergenic dogs are right for you. In truth, no dog is 100% hypoallergenic because all dogs produce dander, but you’re less likely to be affected by a dog who sheds very little. Here are you options for a low-shedding dog: terriers, poodles, shih tzus, lhasa apsos, and whippets.

Exercise Needs
Italian_Greyhound_standing_grayIf you like to go for long runs, weekend hikes, or work outdoors and want a companion with you on these adventures, an active dog with high exercise needs will be a good fit for you. Those breeds include the Weimaraner, Australian shepherd, canaan dog, gordon setter, and Irish water spaniel. If you work much of the day and don’t have lots of time for long walks with your dog, or live in a small apartment with no yard, you’ll want a dog that has low exercise needs. The following breeds will be a good fit: pug, bulldog, beagle, basset hound, and surprisingly enough, they greyhound, lovingly nicknamed “the world’s fastest couch potato.”

It’s always a good to spend plenty of time with a dog before deciding to adopt, regardless of how you answer the questions above. Nothing will tell you if the dog is a better fit more than spending time with him or her.