Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

May 15th, 2015

little kona happy hound

Vacation season is right around the corner. And while it’s great to be able to leave your dog with us and know all their needs are taken care of, sometimes you want to be traveling with your dog, too! Below are 5 tips you need to know for successfully traveling with your furry co-pilot.

1. Crate your dog. Don’t project your worries about crating your dog onto him. Many dogs like it, and it can actually help him feel safe and secure while he’s in transit. Before you put him in, check the crate out and make sure there are no broken wires or sharp edges that could hurt him. Keep a positive attitude and stay calm as you load your dog. If you get anxious and worried about it, your dog will pick up on that and start to feel it, too.


dog treadmill fitness program oakland2. Exercise. Before you ask your dog to spend many hours in a car or plane, it’s important that you get her plenty of exercise. Burn off all her excessive energy by going for a long run, throwing a ball, going for a swim, or another favorite activity. Chances are good that if she’s tired, she’ll even nap most of the way there.

3. While in transit, have a few of your dog’s favorite toys, treats, and blankets with you. When you make pit-stops, let your dog out to stretch his legs, eat a small snack that’s high in protein, and give him lots of affection. Try not to rely on medicating your dog for traveling – you want your voice, attitude, and body language to be enough to keep your dog calm in transit. Make sure you go for a long walk as soon as you reach your destination. Burning off even more excess energy will help your dog remain calm when you enter the hotel.

4. When you get to the hotel, be assertive. Enter the room first, and only let your dog enter when you say so. Put her in a down and walk all around, unpack, check the place out first, so when she does get up, your scent is on everything. When you’re ready, you’re the one to indicate it’s okay for her to get up and explore.

5. Look for hotels that are pet-friendly. Staying at a pet-friendly hotel means you won’t get so many glares and stares if your dog does end up barking, and many of these properties even have fenced in areas for your dog to romp around in and make a new friend. Here’s a list of pet-friendly hotels in the U.S.