Top 5 Dog Training Tips

September 30th, 2015

You’ve asked our dog training experts what you can do to make sure you have a well trained dog, and we’ve got your dog training tips below!

1. Exercisehappy-hound-dog-treadmill
If you exercise your dog and tire him out, you will have a lot easier of a time training your dog. Without too much pent up energy, your dog is less likely to listen to your commands and will likely spend more time running around and trying to play than sitting still. Consider taking your dog to a dog park, teaching them to walk on a treadmill, or dropping them off at Happy Hound.


2. Body Language
Your body language is key when training your dog. That means you can’t be checked out, checking your phone, or checking your mail while trying to teach your dog to stay or leave it. Dogs respond really well to gestures, so try using hand signals when training your pooch.


3. Reinforcement
Use positive reinforcement to signify that you’re happy with you dog’s job well done. This can be with a treat, a word of praise or some belly rubs. Use negative reinforcement, like taking something away from your dog that he shouldn’t be chewing on, when he’s exhibiting behavior you don’t want to see.


4. Be Consistent
Consistency is key. Continuously train and teach your dog to reinforce necessary commands like down and come. And keep your dog’s brain occupied by teaching her new tricks like going through obstacle courses. If you want your dog to stay well trained through her years, you must be consistent with the words and hand signals you use for your commands, and keep reinforcing the behavior you want to see.


5. Playtime
10172694_750002091689057_635562640988464740_nPlaytime is a great opportunity to bond with your dog. Get down on all fours and wrestle, play tug o’ war, fetch, play in a creek… anything where you’re giving your dog your undivided attention so you can create a lasting bond. When you spend quality time with your dog, without being interrupted or giving her half your attention, your dog will be much more eager to please you. That will come in handy during training. If your dog wants to make you happy, she’ll be more likely to follow your commands. Also, play time can help her burn off her excess energy — and a tired dog is a trainable dog!