Thanksgiving Foods Your Dog Can Eat

November 25th, 2015

homemade doggy birthday cakeThe best part about holidays is having the whole family around, including the pets! And every dog loves leftovers. So what Thanksgiving foods are okay to give your dog?

1. Turkey
If there’s any turkey leftover after dinner, feel free to hand it over to fido. Just remove the skin and bones before doing so.

2. Mashed potatoes
Just make sure they’re free of sour cream, onions and gravy.

3. Cranberry sauce
Cranberry sauce is just fine for pets but watch the amount of sugar in it. It is probably best to only provide a small helping to your pet’s plate.

4. Mac & cheese
If your dog can handle dairy, mac and cheese is as good of a snack for your pet as it is your kids.

5. Green beans
Plain green beans are an awesome snack for dogs.

Foods to avoid:

1. Alliums
Say no to onions, garlic, leeks and scallions. They’re no good for your dog.

2. Grapes
Grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs.

3. Xylitol
If you’re making healthier desserts with artificial sweeteners, make sure you don’t hand any over to fido. Xylitol can be poisonous to dogs.

4. Chocolate
That’s one we all know to avoid!

5. Alcohol
A big no-no for pets, even in places we don’t expect it like wine-reduction sauces or fruit cake.