How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears and Eyes

January 13th, 2016

HH-dogpix-09We think about getting our dogs groomed, but something that goes overlooked is cleaning your dog’s ears and eyes. It’s important to clean them both so you can help your dog avoid infections.

How do you do it?

How to Clean  Your Dog’s Ears

It’s best to clean your dog’s ears once a week with epi-otic cleanser you can buy from a pet supply store or from your veterinarian.

Apply the cleanser into each ear and massage the bottom of your dog’s ears for about 30 seconds. Then let your dog do the rest: he’ll likely shake his head or roll around on the carpet. Go ahead and let him do that for as long as he wants to. Then wipe what’s left (cleaning solution or ear wax) with a cotton ball. Never use Q-tips; just swab his ears gently with a cotton ball or soft rag.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Eyes

This one is pretty easy. Whenever you notice a buildup of mucus or goop around his eyes, put some warm water on a cotton ball and dab it into the corners or his eyes.

If your puppy has a persistent buildup of yellow mucus or a hard foreign substance in his eyes, this could be indicative of an infection and you should take your dog in for a check up.