How to Care for Your Dog’s Skin During Winter

January 6th, 2016

12346500_1040251259330804_6781311459399951461_nYour dog’s skin is just as susceptible to weather changes as yours is. In the winter, humidity is low, the air is cold, it’s windy and rainy, and we go back and forth from the warmth inside to the cold outside. It can result in your dog’s skin being itchy, dry, flaky, and uncomfortable.

So here the 2 best ways to care for your dog’s skin during the winter.

1. Bathing and Grooming Your Dog

Dandruff is extra common during the winter, and for dogs that have sensitive skin, shampooing them can make the problem worse. To avoid even more irritation, skip the soaps and stick with just water baths. If you need something more, use a moisturizing shampoo for sensitive skin, and follow with a moisturizing rinse. Oatmeal baths can also provide some relief for irritated skin.

Using a soft brush on your dog’s hair coat will help to stimulate the hair follicles and natural oil glands in the skin, and remove any patches of skin as you brush across the surface. Removing the dead skin cells and loose hair from the coat will allow the skin a chance to repair itself.

2. Proper Nutrition

Make sure you’re feeing your dog a nutritionally balanced diet throughout the year so that she’s healthy when winter hits. If your dog is getting the nutrients she needs, you’ll minimize the risk of skin problems. Or if they do arise, they’ll be easier to treat.


For example, your dog needs the right amount of fatty acids to give her healthy skin. If you’re going through a rough winter, you may want to add some extra omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids to give her some relief. Consult with your veterinarian so you can make an informed choice about which supplemental vitamins and/or foods will be best suited to your dog.