Heartworm Prevention

March 19th, 2016

12813904_1083542968334966_6875453650424208085_n-1What is heartworm disease? Can it be prevented?

Heartworm disease is contracted from exposure to parasitic worms (called heartworms) and is 100% fatal if left untreated. These worms, carried by mosquitoes, live and reproduce in and around the heart and lungs of their host animal.

Once deposited, the larvae needs about 6 months to mature into the adult worm which threatens your pets’ health.  Left untreated, adult heartworms can reach 12 inches in length and live for up to 7 years in dogs.

The good news: heartworm is usually preventable. You can use heartworm preventatives such as Heartgard or Trifexis once a month. For a modest cost, you can virtually guarantee that your pet will be protected against this terrible parasite.

Although mosquito activity may be seasonal, the risk of a bite is always present and, since it only takes one unprotected bite to infect your pet, we recommend the preventative be taken year round.