Riding With Dogs in Cars

May 30th, 2016

We see it all over: dogs riding in cars, head out the window, tongues sticking out. But there are some crucial steps to keeping both your car and your dog happy when you go for a ride.

dogincardangerFur & Shedding

Dog hair all over your seats can be a real drag. You can do a couple of things. You can groom your dog before rides. Either a bath or a good brushing session can help preemptively with the shedding. You can also use a lint roller or duct tape to pick up any hair that gets left behind. Laying a sheet or seat cover over the seats can also protect your car from fur and other doggy dirt.


Seat covers can help protect your seats from an accident, and most can be put in the washing machine. If you didn’t have one in the car, you can use the same standard cleaning products you would use on your carpet. If you know your dog is prone to accidents in the car, keep some in the car at all times. Also, make sure you take your dog for a walk so he can do his business before he goes in the car.

Dog-in-Car-1024x768Keeping Things Chill

Most dogs are happy to lay in the back seat or stick their heads out the window. But you may have an obsessive barker or a dog that tries to jump into your lap while driving. Try putting your dog’s crate in the car and putting her in there when you go for a ride. The crate may provide some extra assurance that the car is a safe space to relax in. You can even consider strapping the crate down so it doesn’t fly around during any sudden movements or sharp turns.

Follow these steps and you should have both a happy car and a happy dog!