Dogs and Seniors: Made for Each Other

July 15th, 2016

AgeSong and Happy Hound Partner to Bring Dogs to Seniors

It’s well known that dogs have a calming and soothing effect on humans. There’s a reason they’ve long been called “man’s best friend.” This is especially true in the case of Seniors who often experience great joy when spending time with our furry friends.

Dogs provide an opportunity to display affection and offer physical touch which can raise spirits significantly. Research has shown that as little as 15 minutes of bonding with an animal can increase the production of the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin. It can also lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Those are just a few of the many reasons why we feel so great when we’re with our pets.

Happy Hound, located less than a mile away, is delighted to partner with AgeSong to bring dogs, along with all of these benefits, to local Seniors!

About Happy Hound

Happy Hound is a dog training, boarding, daycare, and all-around happy place for dogs! Over the last 13 years, Happy Hound has been awarded “Best of Oakland”, “Best Place to Leave Your Pooch”, “Beast of the Bay Award” for Best Doggie Daycare, on and on. In addition to the love and care Happy Hound offers their clients on-site, they have also worked with the Oakland Animal Shelter, rescues, and everyday folks that needed help placing their dogs in new homes. It’s a natural fit for Happy Hound to extend their reach within the local community and share the love of dogs with Seniors at AgeSong.

About Suzanne

img-02Suzanne Golter started Happy Hound in 2003, when dog daycare was on the cusp of existence. Back in those days, she had to explain what doggie daycare was, what a cage-free place was, and why Happy Hound was in this big, open, playful, fun warehouse where dogs could hang out all day and play with other dogs while their parents were at work, or away.

Suzanne has been raising dogs, horses, cows, goats and other animals for over three decades. But it is her great love of dogs that makes Happy Hound the ultimate play adventure and nurturing environment for your canine companion.

This love of dogs has led Suzanne to years of study. She has taken Dog Assessment classes; she is also trained in pet CPR and first aid. She is delighted to share her enthusiasm for dogs with the Seniors at AgeSong.