My Dog Is Chewing Everything

July 7th, 2016

53ba8595b5091Help! My dog is chewing everything!

We hear this over and over again. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons dogs chew.


Puppies use their mouth to understand the world around them. The good news is, that’s usually a stage your puppy will outgrow. The solution: don’t leave anything on the floor you wouldn’t want chewed, tie up cables and cords, and keep cleaning products behind closed doors.

Separation anxiety

If your dog is chewing when you’re at work or out to dinner, your dog may be chewing because of separation anxiety. The solution: Practice not touching, talking to, or looking at your dog when you get home or before you leave. After several weeks, this can start to condition your dog to not be so affected by your absence, and hopefully they’ll stop chewing.

Excess Energy

If your dog has lots of energy, or hasn’t been walked yet, she’s more likely to chew things up. The solution: drop your dog off at daycare here at Happy Hound, take her for a walk, take him to the dog park, or send your dog on one of our adventure walks.


Even past puppyhood, dogs enjoy chewing. It’s a natural, normal behavior. But that doesn’t mean you have to grin and bear it. Instead, redirect the dog’s chewing instinct towards appropriate objects, such as chew toys. Correct your dog when he is chewing on any other object you want him to avoid.

Medical issues

Some nutritional deficiencies can lead to pica, which is the instinct to eat non-food items. And also some dogs suffering from gastrointestinal issues may use chewing to trigger vomiting to feel better. Particularly if the behavior started suddenly, it’s worth ruling out medical causes before addressing it as a behavioral issue.