How Happy Hound Cured My Dog’s Walk-Phobia

August 22nd, 2016

img_5178Our dog Chelsea, who is a 7 month old pit/hound mix, has been absolutely terrified to go for walks since we brought her home from the shelter at 3 months. We tried all manner of tricks and treats to try to coax her into enjoying going for walks, but nothing worked. She would dig in her back legs and shake all over. Unfortunately, since we don’t have a big backyard, the lack of exercise was contributing to some other behavior problems as well.

Enter Happy Hounds’ board and train program. We sent Chelsea off for 2 weeks, which happily coincided with vacation that we were taking. We just got her back 3 days ago and she is a changed dog. We can take her for walks now without her freaking out! And beyond that, she doesn’t pull at all and is responding really well to training walks.

We honestly cannot believe the change in her. She’s incredibly well behaved. It’s nothing short of remarkable. It’s a joy to take her out and give her some exercise finally. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Anne D., Oakland