Becoming a Better Dog Mom

September 6th, 2016

13939614_1190534907635771_8878864632925893000_nI caught Sammy in the driver’s seat of my car this morning, trying to set the GPS for Happy Hound?! What you are to us, no GPS could ever compare. Both Sammy and I would be lost without you and your team. We’ve used every one of your services and cannot say enough good about all of them.

As a rescue, Sammy came to me with an assortment of issues, most notably fear aggression. And I came to Sammy with no sense of training or leadership. Your board & train program has helped us through a tremendous number of issues, and has settled Sammy into a more confident, obedient, happy dog. I’ve also come away with tools that help me in anticipating the unexpected in the ‘outside’ world. Tom and Stefan have worked wonders. Sammy & I are better companions for each other (and others!) thanks to their efforts.

Boarding Sammy at Happy Hound has always been a good experience. And now with Stefan spending time with Sammy while he’s there, teaching him tricks and sharpening up his board & train lessons, it’s more like going to summer camp than to a kennel!

At the foundation of our great love for Happy Hound is the daycare. I had tried a few other places and couldn’t even get through the interview process without Sammy acting up. I was beginning to worry I wouldn’t find a place to give him playful daycare. Your fantastic team somehow magically made Sammy feel secure and at home from the moment he arrived. The option of having him taken for a walk during the day has been a lifesaver when I have to leave him for such long hours. You have turned Sammy into such a fan that he begins barking excitedly as soon as we turn the corner to Happy Hound!

I know it’s going to be a great day when, in the morning, I ask “Happy Hound today?” and Sammy’s tail starts thumping!

Thank you all for being such a heartwarming part of our lives!

-Lenae & Sammy