Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers Part 1

December 13th, 2016

The holidays are just around the corner! Here’s a holiday gift guide for the dog lovers in your life (or maybe snag a gift or two for yourself!).
pit-bull-tea-towelsPitbull Tea Towel 3-Pack, $45

Cleans up food on the floor even better than a dog tongue! (well, maybe not)





BarkBox, From $35

Treat your pup to new treats, snacks, toys, and surprises every month. You’ll get to try new stuff out without having to go shopping. You can even get them delivered on a monthly basis.



pug-life-socksPug Life Dog Socks (4 Pairs), $20

Keep those human paws toasty without sacrificing your love for spectacular Pug folds.




BarkBook Bundle, $28

It’s like Chicken Soup for the Soul in dog form. Plus, it comes with a squeaky toy replica for your pooch!




Rescued Wine Mimosa Candle, $25

These candles are poured into the bottom of empty wine bottles, they smell great, and each sale supports animal rescue efforts.




Original Depler Pint Glass Bundle, $28

Sip that brew in style.




dog-coastersAssorted Dogs Coaster Set, $12

You may have get paw prints on your furniture, but at least you won’t have water rings.





Dachshund Apron, $44

Keep yourself free of flour and dog hair with this ba(r)king apron.




Stay tuned for part 2 of our holiday gift guide for dog lovers!