The 10 Most Frequently Asked Dog Questions: Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

December 27th, 2016

Do you ever wonder if you have the same questions as other dog owners? There are frequently asked dog questions cycling around the internet all the time, and you might think yours are strange, uncommon, or maybe just idle curiosities. Over the next 10 posts, we’ll be listing and answering the most frequently asked dog questions.

So what did Google tell us was the number one more frequently asked dog question?

dogs-eat-grass_513d98d7b2f16cf4Why does my dog eat grass?

There are a number of reasons your dog might be a lawn muncher.

The old wives tale that dogs eat grass when they’re feeling sick is just that: folklore. Most dog owners report that their dogs are sick before seeing them eat grass, and most don’t throw up after eating it.

Some vets suggest dogs eat grass to improve their digestion, treat intestinal worms, or meet an unfilled nutritional need, like fiber.

Your dog could also be eating grass because she likes it!

Although most vets agree that eating grass isn’t harmful, it can be if the lawn is treated with herbicides or pesticides. If you think the areas where your dog is grazing has been treated with those chemicals, it’s best to move somewhere the grass is greener 🙂