The 10 Most Frequently Asked Dog Questions: Why Do Dogs Howl?

January 10th, 2017

Do you ever wonder if you have the same questions as other dog owners? There are frequently asked dog questions cycling around the internet all the time, and you might think yours are strange, uncommon, or maybe just idle curiosities. Over the next 10 posts, we’ll be listing and answering the most frequently asked dog questions.
So what did Google tell us was the third most frequently asked dog question?

Why do dogs howl?

There are 4 main reasons dogs howl.

  1. If your dog sounds a little like a wolf, thats ancestry at play. Dogs are distant relatives of wolves and that’s their relation showing through. It could be instinctual, it could be them tapping into their genetics.

2. Dogs howl to communicate. Maybe they’re telling a friend ‘here I am!’ or telling another dog she’s getting too close. It’s nothing to worry about, unless it’s accompanied by an aggressive snap or showing teeth.

3. If a dog is sick or injured, dogs will sometimes communicate that through slightly different sounds. It’s not a howl, per say, but it could be something that sounds like talking.

4. It may sound silly, but it’s true. Some dogs have separation anxiety and will howl and pace around, or tear things up in the house. If your dog has separation anxiety, you can bring them in for some training and we’ll get it sorted out for you in no time.