10 Things Only Dog Owners Understand

May 2nd, 2017


  1. Dog hair everywhere is standard. On the floor. On your clothes. In your hair. Your car. Your purse. Keys. Food. You name it, there’s hair on it. You kinda hate it, but you kinda don’t care cuz your dog is #1 in your eyes.






2. Fourth of July is a time of terror, not celebration. It usually involves comforting your terrified pup, steering clear of fireworks, and getting on the floor for some heavy duty cuddles.





3. They seem to know — and vanish — when it’s time for a bath or a trip to the vet. You can act totally normal, but the dog will always know something’s up. Always.







4. They just know when you’re going on a trip…and they either flop down in your suitcase, walk around glued to your leg, or walk around a little mopey anticipating your departure.




5. They’re helpful when you make a mess in the kitchen. When you drop something on the floor. When you have extra food left over on your plate. They’re also helpful when you’re sad, glum, or having a bad day. Dogs just know how to be the perfect little helper no matter the situation.





6. Sometimes we give commands to our friends. Every so often, when friends come over for dinner, we’ll say things like “sit” instead of ‘come on in, have a seat’. Or “stay” when they offer to get up and help us clean.




7. There is no spooning companion like a dog. Sure, it might be nice to cuddle up with your honey. But nothing beats a good, solid cuddle sesh with your furry friend.





8. You are impervious to The Head Tilt. You know what we’re talking about. The irrefutably cute head nod that’s the crowning gem of your dog getting exactly what he wants.







9. You measure your life in “B.D.” and “A.D.” — Before Dog, and After Dog. They’re completely different, and you can’t imagine going back to life BD.








10. Even though dogs are suuuper cute, you know there’s something just a little bit cuter about your dog.








What others can you add to this list? Comment below!