10 Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dogs

June 21st, 2017

Ok, so you know that dogs evolved from wolves, and that they can smell super well. But there are about 100 other interesting facts about dogs you may not know about. Do you know all 10? Check it out below:

1. Dogs are Really Hot

There’s the hot dogs you  buy in the store, and there’s the hot dog waiting for you when you come home. The average body temperature of a dog is 101 to 103 degrees F. That’s probably a culprit for fleas, because fleas love hot dog bodies, so make sure you protect your dog from flea bites. 

2. Dogs Can See Color

Although the color spectrum of dogs is limited to yellows, blues, and violets, dogs are not colorblind! So they can tell you if what you’re wearing doesn’t match 😛

3. Dogs Sweat Differently

Dogs don’t have sweat glands like you and I do, and their skin isn’t porous. They cool themselves down through the bottoms of their feet and by panting.

4. Dogs Drink Upside Down

Well, kind of. They drink from the underside of their tongue, rather than turning their tongue into something like a straw to slurp up water. They roll the back of their tongues into a small cup. Watch this video to see how a dog drinks…in slow-mo!

5. Dogs Have a “Super” Sense 

Cheetahs are to speed what dogs are to smell. Dogs can small things approximately 114,276 times greater than you can.

6. Canine Dog-Tags Came First

The military ID tags are called “dog tags” because they look like, well, dog tags. People first started using dog tags in the 1850s. Shortly after, in the 1860s, soldiers started wearing dog tags so that they could be identified to their families if they were killed in war.

7. Dogs Spin You Right Round Baby, Right Round 

Well, they spin themselves right round. You may have noticed dogs turning themselves around in circles before laying down. This is instinctual and passed down from their ancestors who used to stamp down grass so they could sleep more comfortably, and have longer sight lines to potential predators so they could feel safer.

8. Every Nose Print Is Different 

Both dogs and cats have unique nose prints just like your finger prints. Which means a nose print can be used to accurately identify a dog. Next time you’re with your dog, check out all the little swooshes and lines on his nose.

9. Dogs see in the dark

No night vision goggles needed! Dogs’ eyes contain a special membrane, called the tapetum lucidum, which allows them to see in the dark.

10. DogsHurt During Storms

The frequency emitted by thunder can hurt a dog’s ears. That’s why you may notice your dog acting scared just before a thunderstorm. Really, they’re reacting to ear pain.

Do you have any favorite sneaky dog facts? Let us know in the comments below!