Funniest Dog Shaming Photos

July 28th, 2017

Does your dog have ridiculous habits? Probably not, if they were trained at Happy Hound! These dog owners aren’t so lucky. Check out some of the mischief these dogs have gotten into.

“I convince my brother to go outside, then I run back in and eat his supper”





“I’m sorry (well, maybe I’m not…) that I literally scared a turd out of my neighbor Ruby (a yorkie) when I ran up and tried to play with her this morning. My bad.”







“I tripped my mom and broke her leg the week before we had to move. My dad is not happy with me”








“I figured out how to get peanut butter out of the cabinet, hide the jar in my bed, and then eat it sneakily when nobody was paying attention”







“In a moment of spectacular irony, I destroyed the dog-shaming book”








That’s what we call teamwork.







“I destroyed the indestructible ball. 2 of them!”








“I thought you were never coming back!”








“I just had my first shower because my brother cocked his leg and peed on me!”








“I pantsed a guy at the dog park”









If your dog has some bad habits that need breaking, check out our dog training programs so we can get your dog’s behavior right on track!