Are All of Your Puppy’s Needs Met?

February 26th, 2018

Training Your Puppy to be Social, Polite, and Independent

A Special Place Designed for Your Special Puppy

At Happy Hound’s Puppy Nursery, your puppy will enjoy the amenities and care required for healthy development.

Our facility includes:

  • Loving one on one care and affection
  • Air conditioning and heating to keep your puppy nice and comfortable
  • Skylights which help increase light exposure and serotonin production
  • Exceptionally comfortable doggy beds to recharge and refresh
  • A refreshing amount of crisp and clean water

Our Specialized Staff

Every puppy has a home at Happy Hound! Our staff helps promote your puppies development through fun play-time activities and unique training. The Happy Hound team will use your puppy’s energy and enthusiasm to create a safe and educational environment which will help your dog further develop social skills.

Want to know more information about our Puppy Nursery and its benefits? Click here!

The Happy Hound Staff will positively impact your puppy and set them on a path to success with you!