Doggy Darlings: Eggs & Omelette

June 25th, 2018

eggs and omeletteIt was five years ago when Pit Bull Mix, Eggs, and his French Bulldog sister, Omelette, pranced their way into Happy Hound daycare and directly into our hearts. When we first set our eyes on impossibly adorable Eggs, we melted over his playful gait and soft white fur and the way he casually entered the building like he’d been there for years. Beside him was one-foot-tall Omelette, strikingly cute with enormous doe eyes and a black and white spotted coat. Could it get any more lovable?

This pair has now become a central part of the Happy Hound family, inciting smiles and coos every time they arrive with their parents. Their dad Gabe joked, “Eggs and Omelette always think Happy Hound is their home and that we are the ones watching them. They get so much love here.” Sometimes these two stay over cuddled up in one of our private rooms when they are in the hands of our overnight boarding staff, and other times they are padding around during the day in their respective Enhanced Care Program and Little Hound Town, playing with friends.

happy dogs at happy houndWhen any precious pups first meet with our owner Suzanne to establish which Town they’ll be joining, she pays attention to their unique characteristics and thinks about which group would best suit them. For Eggs and Omelette, Suzanne knew Enhanced Care and Little Hound Town would be easy, effortless fits for the duo.

We truly adore these two and every one of the four-legged angels that spend their time in our big red building. Come back to see which Doggy Darling we put a spotlight on next!