You’re Invited to the Bath & Howl Spa

June 9th, 2018

Welcome to summertime! While the sun heats up the East Bay, you may be wondering how to cool down your furry four-legger with some much-deserved pampering. Lucky for us all, soothing spa treatments are just a trot away from our full-service, five-star dog groomer, Brian.

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Whether you are looking for a body trim to keep your dog in prime shape for the heat, a basic bath to give your pup a relaxing break from the summer rays, or a quick nail trim to ensure your happy hound can scamper with delight, just give us a call at 510-547-3647.

Appointments range from 15 minutes (from our al a carte menu of everything from teeth brushing to paw pad pumicing) to an hour and a half of deluxe treatments designed for breeds boasting layers of lavish fur.

Remember that when your best friend is busy playing at Happy Hound, he/she always has access to multiple buckets of fresh water, so they’ll be abundantly hydrated before checking into our Bath & Howl Spa. And if you prefer for your pooch to lounge in a private room after visiting our groomer, just let us know. We can arrange for your pooch to bask independently until you arrive—or they can head back into one of our five playgroups to show off their new look.

Check out our list of options here and let us know what luxe service we can provide. It’s just another way we make sure Your Dog Will Love it Here!