Training Transformations: Get Ready for Your Dream Dog

August 6th, 2018

It all happens at Happy Hound! We’ve watched dog darlings transform from anxious angels to confident canines and problematic protectors blossom into socialized super pups. Our specialized training team works with each individual family to hone in on what behaviors could use some improvement and what techniques fit best with each dog. Packages are customized to serve the needs and hopes for clients looking to help their pooch become the five-star success they can be.

After a consultation with our owner, Suzanne Golter, a top-tier dog-training veteran, clients will choose which program is the best for their beloved furry family member. They start at just four days (Good Dog Package), can be a week or 10 days (Great Dog Package or Basic Manners), extend to two weeks (Dream Dog Package), or include a full 21-day program (Celebrity Rehab & Socialization). No matter which option suits your pooch, they’ll graduate with increased skills in leash manners, decreased separation anxiety, basic etiquette, and recall abilities.

For fuzzy buddies who are still learning the ropes on making new friends, there are programs designed especially to teach social skills, and for little ones who are unsure how to relax when parents are away, we have packages to encourage confidence and inspire a sense of personal safety. At the completion of training, a staff member will meet with you and your graduate to demonstrate all that they’ve learned and we’ll go over how to continue this new behavior at home. If you’re ready to have a dream dog, just give us a call at 510-547-3647 and in a matter of days, you’ll be on your way with a very happy hound!

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