Happy Hound to the Rescue!

January 13th, 2020

Thanks to the support of people like you, Happy Hound and Hopalong Animal Rescue are building an emergency relief annex in Oakland for rescue dogs and dogs displaced by natural disasters. Thank YOU for giving us the opportunity to help dogs that are most in need. 

Hopalong, the Bay Area’s largest foster animal rescue operation, is so good at what they do they outgrew their current location and were desperately in need of space. What this emergency relief annex will do is provide them with much needed space to care for some of the area’s most vulnerable pups, such as our furry friends left homeless from the wildfires. 

Construction on the annex is currently underway, but a number of modifications still need to be made in order to meet the specific needs of rescue animals. For example, we need to build a proper dog wash zone and a designated medical area to care for sick and injured animals.

To learn how to make an individual, tax-deductible contribution toward the construction of the emergency relief annex, call or stop by Happy Hound or visit hopalong.org, today.

From all of us at Happy Hound and Hopalong Animal Rescue, thank you for your ongoing support! We couldn’t have gone this far without you.