4 Tips for Clean Homes & Happy Dogs

April 1st, 2020

Splashing in puddles, rolling in grass, swimming in creeks, and shedding, shedding, shedding. Ah, it’s a dog’s life…but, aahh! it’s a clean home nightmare! With more and more of us working from home these days, we’re all looking for tips on how to keep our space as clean and as pleasant as possible. To help out, here are four tips for dog owners to help keep your home clean and safe.

1. Brush your pup

Regularly brushing your dog’s coat works wonders! Brushing your dog’s coat will catch that hair before it covers your sofa (or finds its way onto your dinner plates).

How frequently should you brush your dog:

  • Short-coated dogs should be brushed once every few weeks
  • Dense-furred dogs should be brushed once a week
  • Long-coated or double-coated dogs must be brushed once a week to prevent mats from forming and to remove any tangles

Brushing includes brushing teeth, too! Bad doggie breath is a smell only a mother could love, so keep those chompers fresh. Dental chews are an easy way to maintain clean teeth, fresh breath, and better oral health.

2. Bathe your pup

In addition to brushing, start regularly bathing your dog as well. Most dogs are okay with one bath every one to three months; however, we advise talking with your veterinarian before starting a bathing routine. Dogs with sensitive skin or allergies often require a very specific dog shampoo. Also, too much bathing can dry out a dog’s skin and coat, which can be particularly problematic for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies.

3. Buy your pup clothes

Dog clothes? Yes, dog clothes! When the rain falls, you’ll be thankful you purchased your pup a raincoat and some rain booties. It’ll save you from having a wet dog roaming around and finding muddy paw prints on just about everything.

4. Clean your pup’s toys

Toys, blankets, their bed — give all your pup’s things a good and regular scrub. Cleaning your dog’s things will help eliminate harmful germs as well as keep your house cleaner and fresher. 

How to wash your dog’s toys:

You can wash plastic toys with warm water and mild dish soap, and you can disinfect them using a one to one mixture of water to vinegar. Just make sure to rinse them good afterward. (Who wants to taste vinegar? Yuck!)

You can throw cloth toys in the washing machine, but if you notice them starting to deteriorate — tears, holes, loose threads, missing pieces — it’s best to chuck the toy in the trash. Disposing of old toys will save you from picking them up, piece by piece, as they start to fall apart, thread by thread, around your house. Plus, it’s just the safe thing to do. As much as your pup may love his old and crumbling toy, as toys fall apart they can become choking hazards.

And, don’t forget about yourself. The world has changed and not just for our pets. At Happy Hound, we’re as heartbroken as your pup that we’ve had to temporarily close our doors to puppy fun, but we must remember that this time apart is for the best. 

We all must take care of ourselves and focus on our own well-being and self-care. The best way to do that is:

  • Wash your hands regularly with hot soapy water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated makes you feel healthier and more energized.
  • Disinfect highly trafficked areas within your house.
  • Practice social distancing but remember the therapeutic effect of nature. Keep your distance from others when out on hikes and in dog parks.

Stay safe out there. We hope to see you soon!