Happy Holiday Hounds!

December 1st, 2020

The holidays are here! No matter what your celebrations look like this year, it is still a time to go all out, indulge and have some fun. Sticking close to home also means more time with your fur babies! We bet your pup will be a Happy Hound to have you around and love all the excitement of decorating and new smells from holiday cooking and baking. Not to mention all of those suspiciously toy shaped and good smelling packages that keep appearing… Make your holiday memorable and spoil your pooch with fun treats and toys, and quality time together.

Luckily, dogs tend to love anything you give them. But if you want to give your furry friend a gift they will treasure, or tear apart in minutes, there are many options for dog-friendly presents this year. Chewy and Target are full of holiday-themed dog toys and treats and offer easy delivery options. Or consider supporting a small business, visit your local pet store or check out Etsy for unique, handmade gifts and toys. 

Now is also a great time to invest in some gifts for the future! We will all go back to work one day, and your pup will have to get used to you being gone again. There is a slew of new pet cameras available to help you to keep an eye on your pets while you are away. Some even let you dispense treats and have two-way audio so you can talk to your doggo from anywhere. Check out this list of doggie gifts your pup (and you) will love here. If keeping your pup at home is not an option, then look no further than our Daycare and Boarding services. We live, love, and breath dog, so your pup will feel right at home at Happy Hound. Now is the best time to start introducing your dog to daycare in case they deal with a bit of separation anxiety. We take extra care to those who need help getting accustomed to our doggy social group. Let your pup spend a day with us here.

Holiday movies are a time-honored tradition at Happy Hound, and there is no reason your dog can’t enjoy them with you! Movies with dogs featured are a great way to get your pet to hang inside and keep them entertained and out of trouble. Here is a list of dog-centric holiday movies. Watch them together or leave them on while you prepare, and keep your dog occupied and content.

Check out Me, My Dog, and I, a moving documentary made to help people choose the right dog, and you just might see some familiar faces from Happy Hound!

While it is nice to include your pet in all of the festivities, there are some precautions to take. Wrapping materials like ribbon and tinsel are dangerous when ingested, so be sure to pick up after opening presents and keep holiday decor above mouth level. Merrymaking is fun for us, but there are foods you never want to give Fido. Obviously, alcohol is a no-no, but make sure you keep an eye out for these foods and clean up any spills:

  • Dairy products (eggnog = dairy + alcohol, a double no!): similar to your lactose-free friends, dogs will not have a happy tummy 
  • Chocolate: this is toxic to many dogs and should be avoided year-round
  • Garlic, onions, chives: popular in stuffing and many holiday dishes, but risky for pups
  • Pork: that means no bacon or ham
  • Nutmeg: can cause hallucinations!
  • Nuts: some nuts (like macadamia) are toxic to dogs
  • Grapes and raisins: may lead to kidney problems
  • Salt: can cause dehydration and excessive urination
  • Sugar and candy: bad for their teeth and waistline – just like us!
  • Caffeine: this can be a sneaky addition to holiday dishes, so beware
  • Bird Bones: chicken and turkey bones easily splinter and, when ingested, can tear up your dog’s intestinal lining, sometimes leading to costly surgery. If your dog loves to chew bones, buy them one made specifically for dogs

Happy Hound does not recommend feeding human food to your pets, but there are some safe options if you ‘accidentally’ drop some food on the floor. Plain turkey (white breast meat is best) with no skin is a healthy protein. While you are cooking, fresh carrots, green beans or plain pumpkin are also safe for Fido. Just avoid the finished product with spices or dressing, the closer to a whole food, the better.

If you are traveling for the holidays, Happy Hound offers daycare and boarding for dogs of all sizes, breeds and temperaments. No cages here! Our rooms are comfortable, have plenty of cozy places to sleep, and our trained staff know how to make your pooch feel at home. We offer different levels of care, including an option to have a staff member stay with your pup overnight, so any dog can feel safe, loved and enjoy their stay. Visit Happy Hound for more information and rates.

Since this year has been extra taxing, indulging your pup is a welcome treat for everyone involved. Your dog will love all of the extra attention (and treats!), and you can enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling from seeing their excitement and getting some extra snuggles on a cold day. Throw on a dog-friendly movie and settle in with blankets or break out the new toys and engage in some playful activity.  Take a break and enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones safely. 

From all of us at Happy Hound, we wish you a merry, healthy holiday season and a wonderful new year!