Spoil Your Dog for National Pet Month

May 1st, 2021

May is the official National Pet Month, but all pet owners know that every month is all about our pets. Aside from pampering your own pooch, National Pet Month was created to bring awareness to the lesser known benefits of owning a pet, including the importance and value of service and companion animals. It is also a good time to be reminded of the responsibilities of pet ownership and to promote pet adoption and rescue. 

Celebrate National Pet Month

National Pet Month encourages spending more time with your dog, sharing pet pics on social media, promoting adoption from animal shelters or rescue organizations, and reminds us of the mental health benefits that having a pet can bring to anyone. Owning a dog or other pet can help reduce anxiety, stress, depression and provide companionship, encourage exercise and even improve heart health! Plus, they are a great way to meet new people or get involved in the community.

Another great way to celebrate National Pet Month is to donate to an animal charity or rescue organization or volunteer at a shelter. Don’t forget to honor our tireless service animals! Service dogs act as their owner’s eyes, ears, can assist with mobility, and be on alert for medical emergencies. Plus, they are all very good dogs.

As summer approaches, there are so many more ways to spend time outdoors with your dog and get more active. As the weather gets warmer, you may be going on more outdoor adventures or traveling. Most dogs make the perfect companion, as long as you keep a few precautions in mind. 

Just like us, dogs can get sunburnt, dehydrated and overheated in the California sun. Always travel with a portable dog bowl and water; make sure you can find some shady areas for break time; consider a doggie sunscreen for puppy noses. White haired dogs, along with pink-skinned or short-haired dogs, are more susceptible to sunburn and can get many of the same skin ailments as humans, including skin cancer. If you have a dog that has dry, flaky skin to begin with, take extra care to protect them from the sun. Consider a sun-blocking outfit, or bring an umbrella to set up at the park or beach for your pup to park it under. And be willing to head inside if your pet gets too pooped.

Spoil Your Pooch

Fun ideas to spoil your pooch include:

  • Buy a kiddie pool and fill it with clean water for your dog to cool off in on hot days
  • Head to the park with a frisbee or ball
  • Hit the beach with an umbrella (make sure dogs are allowed!)
  • Take a hike! The Bay Area has tons of awesome trails.
  • Too busy? Happy Hound offers dog walking through the beautiful Oakland Hills
  • Visit the dog park or pair up with neighbors and friends to take a group walk; most dogs love some socialization time with their buddies
  • Set up a play date even when you’re working. Happy Hound will pick up and drop off your pet, even when you’re not home, when you book a transportation service.
  • Attend a meet-up! There are tons throughout Oakland and San Francisco based on the breed of your dog. Or attend solo to get to know a new breed. Who can say no to a hundred Corgi butts galloping around the park?
  • Rainy day? Build an obstacle course indoors or work on training commands or build a fort and watch an animal documentary
  • Visit a local ice cream shop that serves Puppucinos (dog-safe ice cream) on a hot day!

Responsible Care

After a day spent frolicking, your pup will probably need a bath. Ticks, beach lice and other insects can get in their fur, be sure to bathe and brush Fido regularly, especially long-haired dogs, who can get heavy mats in their fur. Always be on vigilant watch for foxtails from tall grasses. Foxtails can get into your dog’s paws, ears and fur and burrow their way deep into the skin, often requiring removal at the vet. Do a once-over after nature walks or visit Happy Hound for a professional bath. 

Happy Hound offers a complete list of grooming services from our Bath & Howl Day Spa! Happy Hound has various shampoos – hypoallergenic, non-scented, organic, etc. – and offers de-matting, nail trims, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and more. Run into a skunk? Happy Hound offers specialized baths for tough jobs, too.

This National Pet Month, enjoy extra playtime and snuggles with your doggo, take some time to learn about responsible pet ownership, and consider donating or volunteering at a shelter or working animals program, like Vet Dogs. Owning a pet offers endless benefits, not only for cute photos and unconditional love, but they can boost your mental health, encourage being more physically active and even provide joy to others! 

At Happy Hound, every month is pet month. Visit Happy Hound for dog grooming, dog walking and training to help ensure both you and your dog are getting the most out of your companionship. Happy National Pet Month!