Join the Pack at Happy Hound

July 1st, 2021

At Happy Hound, our qualified staff’s only goal is to ensure that your dog has a great time and is well-taken care of during their stay. We understand that many dogs are afraid to be left in a new place or be away from their humans. So we have tailored our entire facility for all types of dogs to feel safe, comfortable and entertained.

Bring your pup into Happy Hound for a variety of services, including Dog Boarding, Dog Training, Dog Grooming, Dog Walking, and even visit the Vet Clinic. Happy Hound is no ordinary dog boarder. We tailor your dog’s experience to pair them with dogs their own size, age and temperament. Plus, you can use our online webcams to see just how much fun your pooch is having during their stay at Happy Hound in Oakland.

Whichever service your dog needs from Happy Hound, you can expect tailored, individualized care from friendly, trained professionals who love dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and temperaments. Every part of Happy Hound was designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. From comfy bedding, interactive playrooms and fresh air pumped in through the PetAirapy purification system, our goal is to make your dog’s experience at Happy Hound a positive one.

Dog Boarding

To ensure the best experience for every pup, Happy Hound has private, climate-controlled areas where classical music plays softly. Your dog will always enjoy fresh, comfortable bedding and 24/7 care by our professional onsite staff. Happy Hound wants your dog to enjoy their stay, which is why we require two Doggie Daycare visits before they have their first sleepover. This helps even the most nervous pup feel safe and comfortable while staying at Happy Hound in Oakland.

There are three levels of dog boarding – Standard, Enhanced, and Super Suite – that vary from feeding and group playtime to individualized care with solo walks every two hours. 

Doggie Daycare

Happy Hound Dog Daycare features five separate areas for the various sizes and ages of dogs – Big Hound Town, Middle Hound Town and Little Hound Town, plus, Lounge Around Town for senior dogs and Puppy Park for, you guessed it, puppies! (eight weeks and older).

Our professional, trained staff have experience in recognizing dogs who need a little extra help with separation anxiety or those who need more active playtime. We have the training to recognize your dog’s body language and interview every pup before their stay to ensure everyone gets along. Ask about Enhanced Care for dogs that aren’t spayed/neutered, have health issues requiring extra attention, or who have behavioral issues. Happy Hound offers individual walks and one-on-one care for these extra special pups.

Puppy Park 

If you have a new puppy (8 weeks or older), Happy Hound has just the place for them to play and learn while you are away for the day. Not just a separate area, Happy Hound Puppy Park is specially designed for a puppy’s early-life developmental and social needs. Puppy handlers are onsite to teach these newbies how to play nice with people and other puppies. Your puppy will learn to socialize, play the right way and will be safe from the trouble they can get into when left home alone.  

Puppy Socials

Before you decide to bring your puppy in for a full day of boarding, try out Happy Hound Puppy Socials! It’s like Happy Hour for you and your littlest friend. These 45-minute sessions are for puppies 8 weeks to 4 months and allow them to meet and play with other puppies and burn off some of that boundless energy. Puppy Socials are great for first-time dog owners to learn about proper play and maybe even meet some other dog lovers. All playtime is under the supervision of our professional staff.

Dog Training

Happy Hound, voted Best Dog Obedience School 2021 by East Bay Express, offers professional dog training, from young puppies and basic commands to longer courses for dogs needing more specialized training or to address socialization and behavior issues. Packages range from 4, 7, and 10 days to a full 28 days. Learn more about each of the Happy Hound Dog Training packages here. Happy Hound only uses positive reinforcement and tailors our training to your dog’s breed and temperament. Once your pup completes the program, you get to attend Graduation! Brand new dog owner? Ask about the Happy Hound Beginner’s Training Class.

Dog Walking

Since Happy Hound is in the beautiful Bay Area, our dog walking service can be an Adventure Walk through the Oakland Hills, Berkeley hills and Emeryville area. We offer both group and private dog walks, always done by a trained, professional dog walker. Walks last for one hour and can be done while at Doggie Daycare or we can pick up/drop off from your home. Your pet will get to visit dog parks and stroll through trails full of things to sniff, and we regularly switch things up to keep it interesting.


Visit the Happy Hound Bath & Howl Day Spa to get your dog pampered and cleaned up. Choose from basic baths to specialized shampoos for itchy/sensitive skin, mani-pedis, ear cleaning, brushing or de-matting for long-haired dogs. We also offer teeth cleaning, sani-shaves, and even a de-skunk treatment in the event your pup gets a little too curious. View our complete list of Dog Grooming and bathing services at the Bath & Howl Day Spa.

Vet Clinic

Happy Hound partners with Dr. Frazier to provide a fear-free veterinary experience for your dog. Get vaccines and check up services performed at our onsite Vet Clinic every month. Utilize Video VetChat from the comfort of your home to receive TeleAdvice and TeleTriage for your dog, or cat! You will receive professional advice to determine the next best steps before deciding whether to bring your pet in. Register for an upcoming vet clinic using our online portal, call Happy Hound at 510-547-3647 or email frontdesk@happyhound.com.


Whether your dog is visiting Happy Hound for Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare or a Dog Grooming session, Happy Hound offers a Transportation service to pick up/drop off your dog, even when you’re not home. We’ll even feed them dinner! Perfect for those long nights at the office, when you have after-school activities or for those using public transportation.

Learn more about all of the services you can find at Happy Hound online, or give us a call to speak with one of our super friendly staff, who will be happy to answer all of your questions and go over any concerns. We are excited for you to see just how much your dog will love it here at Happy Hound!