Summer Camp for Dogs

August 1st, 2021

Many of us are planning more summer getaways this year. Whether you are going on a road trip, flying across the country or exploring the great outdoors, sometimes you can’t bring your dog along. Some campsites don’t allow dogs, your dog may not do well in the car for long periods, or flying restrictions may mean Fido can’t make the trip. Luckily, at Happy Hound in Oakland, California, we offer 24/7 comprehensive care for your pup for as long as you are away, whether for a week or just the day. If you have a trip planned, be sure to book Happy Hound Doggie Daycare and Dog Boarding early, summer spots are filling up fast! 

Dog Daycare

Heading back to the office? Away for the day? Happy Hound is proud to offer cage-free playrooms with access to open, outside air with designated areas for different sizes and temperaments. At Happy Hound doggie daycare, your pooch will get to interact with other dogs and enjoy some A/C and snuggles with our trained professionals. Shy pups will receive extra special attention. Every dog is ‘interviewed’ prior to attending daycare to ensure that they are friendly and sociable enough to thrive in our daycare. You can also watch your dog on our webcams!

There are five separate areas designed for a variety of dogs: 
  • Big Hound Town is made for big dogs to lie around, roam or play with other big dogs. 
  • Middle Hound Town is for the energetic types. They get extra room to run and plenty of interaction to let them burn off some energy before heading home. 
  • Lounge Around Town is for the senior dogs to laze about without so much ruckus. 
  • Little Hound Town lets the littles feel less anxious and play with dogs their own size. 
  • Puppy Park is for the young ’uns, a room just for puppies 8 weeks to 4 months filled with enrichment toys and a chance to learn to socialize. 

Happy Hound also offers Enhanced Care for dogs with special needs, whether it be socialization or behavior challenges, because they are not spayed/neutered, or if they require medical or other special attention. They will get one-on-one care and private walks.

All doggie daycare playrooms feature comfy doggie beds, interactive play structures and plenty of toys, plus tons of natural light, heat in winter, A/C in summer, and on extra hot days we bring out the splash pools! Water is always on hand and, of course, doggie snacks. We also use PetAirapy air purification to help remove airborne pathogens, allergens and odors, so your dog stays healthy and fresh. 

And, if you need a little help with training, Happy Hound can also incorporate dog training into their daycare stay. Ask about our Daycare Training Program and come home to a dog that has learned new tricks! Happy Hound was voted the Best Dog Obedience School 2021 by East Bay Express!

Dog Boarding

Happy Hound offers premium Dog Boarding with specialized care by our trained staff. Your pup will enjoy soothing classical music, top-of-the-line doggie beds and comfortable blankets, as well as breakfast/dinner, snacks, and even a goodnight tuck-in! While boarding at Happy Hound, your dog will get their very own private, climate-controlled room. 

Dog boarding is available at three levels – Standard, Enhanced Care, and Super Suite Luxury – and every sleepover guest is required to stay for at least two days of doggie Daycare to ensure their comfort and safety while staying overnight. 

Standard boarders will enjoy socializing and playtime in one of Happy Hound’s size- or age-specific playrooms, group walks and lots of scritches. Enhanced Care boarding features private walks every two hours (for dogs that do not qualify for group play), and they will receive one-on-one care catered to their needs. Super Suite Luxury boarding features a dedicated staff member who will keep your pup company overnight – perfect for dogs with separation anxiety – as well as private playtime and walks every two hours. Super Suite boarders also get a bath before you pick them up!

If you are new to Happy Hound, get started with our Online Registration Form or call (510) 547-3647 to let us know more about your dog and to set up an initial intake interview and assessment. Once we all get to meet and confirm that your dog will thrive at Happy Hound, you can book your pup in for the day, the night, or as long as you need. Ask about our Transportation Service if you won’t be home to pick up/drop off your pooch. 

Plan ahead! We don’t pack in the hounds, so space is limited for Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding. Earlier is better to secure a space for your dog(s). This summer will be busy, so call Happy Hound in Oakland to book your dog in today!