Dog Training Benefits & Tips

February 1st, 2022

On the heel of National Train Your Dog Month in January, how is your dog training progressing in February? If you never quite started training your pup, consider professional dog training from Happy Hound. We offer different courses to suit different ages, breeds and temperaments. Or maybe you started training but have hit a plateau and need some advice to improve behavior – Happy Hound can help there, too. If you’ve got the hang of training but want to teach your pooch some fun tricks, read on for some tips.

Why Train Your Dog?

Training your dog not only makes it easier for you to live with them but also helps you and your dog bond. During training sessions, your dog gets your undivided attention and you will build a lasting relationship based on trust, affection and positive reinforcement.

Benefits to Dog Training:

  • Exercise
  • Mental stimulation
  • Behaves better at home alone
  • More sociable with other dogs or people
  • Smoother boarding experience while you are away
  • Increased safety on walks, the dog park, or in new places
  • Dogs that have boundaries may be less anxious and have reduced separation anxiety

Untrained dogs can be more fearful, develop behavioral issues, chew on your shoes… and may be more aggressive with strangers, especially at the vet. There is no downside to training a dog; stick to positive reinforcement and make it fun!

How Do You Choose a Dog Training Program?

While there are countless different ways to train a dog, go with the method that works for your specific pet. Some shy or nervous dogs may need to go slow. Energetic dogs may get distracted by other dogs and require private instruction. Different dog breeds and sizes may get better results with differing techniques. The common factor is always using positive reinforcement. Meaning, don’t scold the dog if they do something ‘wrong’ but instead offer a treat only when they perform the command correctly.

The basics of dog training include:

  • Start with the basics: sit, stay, come
  • Keep it short: sessions should be about 10 minutes
  • Positive reinforcement only: never scold, repeat the command and action until they get it, or move on
  • Enlist a professional: Happy Hound dog training offers courses for every breed and temperament!

Fun Tricks

Once your pup gets the hang of basic commands like Sit/Stay, Come, Fetch, and leashing, feel free to add in some party tricks! To train your dog to perform a trick, use the same methods you learned in puppy/dog training, but focus on one single trick at a time. Some fun tricks to can teach young – and old – dogs include:

  • Shake/Paw
  • Peek-a-Boo
  • Speak
  • Roll Over
  • Dance/Spin
  • Pick Up Toys – great for cleaning the house!

Happy Hound Professional Dog Training

At Happy Hound in Oakland, CA, we offer dog training for everything from basic commands and obedience to a 28-day intensive for pups with social aggression or separation anxiety. While employing various training techniques, Happy Hound dog training uses Balanced Training to properly teach your pup what’s wrong and right! Your dog can even complete their training while attending Happy Hound doggie daycare!

Happy Hound dog training courses include:

  • New Start Training Session — 4 1-hour sessions
  • Beginner’s Training Class — 4 weekly sessions
  • Good Dog Package – 4 Day Program
  • Basic Manners Package – 10 Day Program
  • Great Dog Package – 7 Day Program
  • Dream Dog Package – 14 Day Program
  • Celebrity Rehab & Socialization Package – 21 Day Program
  • The Passive Aggressive Recovery Package – 28 Day Program
  • Daycare Training Program — add-on to daily daycare
  • Learn more about each Happy Hound dog training program here.

Stick To It

At the beginning of a new year, many people commit to new, better habits and make big goals. By February, many of those New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside. Given that this year has been another roller coaster of pandemic and cold weather, it’s understandable if you did not get as much training in as you planned, or maybe never started. The good news is that it only takes a few minutes every day, and training your dog can be done during any month of the year. Plus, it is totally possible to teach an old dog new tricks! Visit Happy Hound in Oakland, California, for professional puppy and dog training in a safe, comfortable setting.