Spring Cleaning – Dog Grooming

March 1st, 2022

Warmer weather is coming, and much like us, your dog could probably use a refresh in the grooming department. While it is important to keep up with your dog’s grooming year-round, spring cleaning season is a great reminder to get back on track or start a new habit. Happy Hound in Oakland, California, offers the full-service Bath and Howl Day Spa with professional dog groomers who will trim, wash, brush and clean every paw, ear, and batch of fur your pup has been wearing all winter.

Get Fido Used to Grooming

If you have a new puppy, or a dog that does not like grooming, take some time to acclimate your dog to being handled by other people. Ears, teeth and paws are sensitive areas for dogs, especially when touched by a stranger. To desensitize your dog, massage, pet and hold (gently!) your dog’s ears, paws and toes while they are in a relaxed state. These actions will help associate touching with good feelings, leaving them less stressed at the groomers.

Even better, keep a regular grooming routine, whether at home or with a professional dog groomer. The best times are after a meal, after they have relieved themselves, when your dog is chilled out and open to pets. There are a few main areas in which to keep your dog regularly groomed:

Brush Daily

Long-haired dogs should get brushed every day. Daily brushing helps prevent mats, which can become painful and may need to get cut out if let go too long. Brushing also relieves excessive shedding, making it easier to keep the house clean. Even dogs with short hair should get a regular brushing as it helps them bond with you and get used to human touch. Regular brushing also helps to keep your dog’s coat shiny and soft!

Bathe Regularly

While your dog may yowl and complain, in the end, they will be thankful for bath time. In addition to getting off visible dirt and grime, bathing your dog helps keep their skin and coat healthy, reduces itching from dander and improves odor. Happy Hound recommends a bath at minimum once per month, but increase frequency if your dog is active outside or suffers from skin ailments. Specialized dog shampoos, including hypoallergenic and medicated washes, can be chosen based on your specific dog’s health, coat and sensitivities.

Always make sure to brush your dog before bath time. You do not want to wash mats; it makes them impossible to get out.

Trim Those Toes

This one might be best left to the professionals, but new puppies can get used to nail trims if you start early and often. And if your dog doesn’t seem to mind, go ahead and trim them yourself! 

First, buy dog clippers (do not use scissors or human nail clippers) and clip the tip of the nail before it curves, avoiding the quick. The quick includes blood vessels and can cause pain if snipped. Keep styptic powder on hand in case you do nip the quick; it slows bleeding and numbs the pain. If all that sounds daunting or your dog has black nails where it is hard to see the quick, Happy Hound professional dog groomers can do it for you in a safe environment.

Happy Hound recommends trimming your dog’s toenails every 1-2 months. If you can hear clicking and clacking on hard floors or notice their nails curving over, it has been too long since their last nail trim. And don’t forget the dewclaw! Not all dogs have them, but they look like a thumbnail on the inner sides of their front/back paws.

Give Fido a Fresh ‘Do

After a long, cold winter, your dapper pup may be looking more like a shaggy dog (maybe you are, too?), so treat them to a fresh haircut at Happy Hound Bath and Howl Day Spa. Our trained professional dog groomers will expertly trim your dog’s fur to keep it clean, easier to brush, and out of their eyes, ears and paws. Ask about our sanitary shave for senior dogs or those with extra long hair or incontinence. 

Dog have mats? No problem, Happy Hound is a pro at de-matting and will deftly comb out those pesky mats or shave them and even out your dog’s coat so that no one is the wiser.

Happy Hound Bath and Howl Day Spa offers a range of professional dog grooming services in addition to the ones listed above, including ear cleaning, teeth brushing, de-skunking and anal gland expressions. Find a complete list of our dog grooming services at Happy Hound in Oakland, California.

Dog grooming is just as important as our own grooming, helping keep your dog free of dirt, fleas, painful mats, and itchy skin. Plus, regular trims can help them see and hear better – and not trip over their own furry paws. Make dog grooming a regular tradition to help turn it from a traumatic struggle into a pawsitive experience they may actually enjoy. After a grooming session, remember to reward your pup with treats and cuddles and enjoy that new dog smell. 

Visit Happy Hound in Oakland for professional dog grooming, award-winning dog training programs, safe and comfortable dog boarding, as well as doggie daycare and veterinary services. Happy Hound offers various areas to accommodate every size and temperament of dog. Dogs that stay at Happy Hound get access to fresh air, comfortable dog beds and enjoy the chance to socialize. Call or visit Happy Hound in Oakland, California, for all your dog and puppy care needs.