Travel Safety with your Dog – Come Along For The Ride!

January 1st, 2023

Dog & Luggage

Happy 2023! The new year is full of new experiences, places, and adventures waiting to be enjoyed. Why not include your four-legged companion in these new endeavors for this new year? You can travel near or far with your best co-pilot, whether flying or driving. Of course, traveling with a dog can be tricky and you’ll want to ensure you are taking the necessary safety precautions before, during, and after your excursion.

When including your dog pal in your travel plans, there are certain preparations you should take to put your dog’s safety and wellness first. Depending on your means of transportation when traveling, you may have a different preparation list to go through. Using these tips can ensure you and your four-legged friend are safe and prepared for your next traveling adventure.

Vet & Dog

A Prep Trip To The Vet

Keeping your dog’s health in mind is important and, at times, can be overlooked with a chaotic traveling schedule. Be prepared for pet-related injuries and illnesses that could arise when traveling or going out of town. When traveling, you may want to look into how to use pet insurance to ensure you’re fully prepared for anything that pops up. Whether you are flying or driving, you should consult with your veterinarian to assure yourself that the health of your pet is okay and that they are all caught up on vaccinations. While traveling, accidents happen. Having your pet covered may help alleviate some stress when it comes to hitting the road.

Having a conversation with your vet regarding any concerns, such as anxiety or stress your dog may feel is crucial. Your dog feeling anxious and stressed is very common when traveling. Some signs of distress include excessive drooling, panting, and barking. Since you know your furry friend best, you will also be able to pick up on their signs of being anxious and in turn, you will know when to comfort them. Traveling can be stressful, but knowing what to do can ease not only your worries but your dog’s worries as well.

Dog & Car

Road Trip! Ready To Hit The Road?

If you are driving, your preparation can start days before the actual trip. If your trip involves being in the car for hours on end, you may want to start slowly. Start by taking your dog on smaller trips leading up to the day of travel. This will allow your furry friend to adjust and become comfortable with their space in the car. Giving your travel companion time to adjust will also help them with any potential car sickness.

Just like the humans in their life, your pet pal may experience motion sickness, and this is completely normal. Signs of motion sickness include vomiting, excessive drooling, and nausea. Benadryl or Dramamine can alleviate these symptoms to help them cope.

It’s also beneficial to bring along their familiar favorites, such as a blanket, their favorite toy and treats that will make them comfortable and give them some of their comforts from home. Giving your pet treats and water will reassure them that everything is okay and they are in a safe environment.

Little dog in airplane carry-on

Planning for a Flight – It’s Time to Takeoff!

When flying, you will want to arrive a few hours earlier at the airport. This will allow you to take necessary breaks for you and your pet. Sometimes the pressure and stress that comes with flying can be resolved by taking a needed pause to breathe, slow down, and get acclimated to the airport’s surroundings (great advice in general since we all know flight travel can be nerve-wracking!)

Make sure to give yourself and your travel buddy that necessary pause when traveling. You can also find pet-friendly airlines that allow your dog to remain close to you during the flight. Flights can be difficult enough for your dog, and being supported by staff and an airline can make all the difference.

In this scenario, we also advise bringing a blanket and toys to make your dog comfortable and cozy.

Your comfort and your dogs are a top priority. When you take the necessary steps to prepare, you will be able to enjoy your upcoming travels and create lifelong memories!

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