Happy Hound Foster Dogs: 2023 Year In Review

January 1st, 2024

A new year always feels like a fresh start, and January also marks a time of year to pause and reflect on the past 365 days. Here at Happy Hound, we took a moment before starting 2024 to do just that. When our Happy Hound staff took a moment to do this exercise, one of the most cherished memories is of all the foster dogs we had the privilege of knowing, loving, and ultimately helping them find their forever homes. Each little (or big) pawprint has left a lasting impression on all of us with their unique quirks, personality, and backstory that define our four-legged friends. We’re the lucky ones this past year to get to know these furry pals, and it’s why we are celebrating them with their stories and celebrating their newfound homes!
Happy Hound foster Hawke and new pack

Happy Hound’s Foster Program

Happy Hound works closely with local shelters and rescues to help foster dogs that may be more challenging to place, like large dogs or dogs who may need a bit more socialization or who may just need just a tad bit more TLC all around . We provide boarding and daycare and get them all gussied up with our grooming services and, of course, we provide tons and tons of loving accolades and pets!

While in our care, these happy hounds gain the confidence and manners that help them find the right fit and a place they can call home. We have successfully accomplished this thanks to our dedicated Happy Hound staff, who work closely with these furry beings to observe them in different scenarios and understand their cues and mannerisms to give prospective owners some great insight into their personalities and habits. Our goal is that both our foster dog and their new family are the right fit.

Our Happy Hound family loves all the different types of dogs that come in and out of our lives. And while they can’t tell us their history or their experiences verbally, we give them a place that provides care, safety, guidance, and love so they can feel secure and happy. And when ready, we connect them with people or families who recognize their unconditional love and reciprocate it in return.

Meet Our Happy Hound Foster Dogs

Each of the stories below will leave you with all the warm and fuzzy feels that only a truly remarkable love story can provide.
Happy Hound foster April


Fun Fact: Shows off her overbite by smashing her face against the glass doors.
Arrived 1/4/23 – Adopted 8/21/23

A little over 4 years old, April is a Pitt mix everyone fell in love with her goofball antics. She always wanted to take her place in someone’s lap even though she was a little too big and wiggly! A little obsessed with food and love from humans and was extremely playful no matter the time of day! She spent time with our highly attentive, qualified trainers. She was eager to learn and she did just that!
Happy Hound foster Hawke


Fun Fact: Super Chatty and like to get his point across!

Arrived 1/4/23 – Adopted 8/18/23

Hawke a 3-year-old Siberian Husky who oozed energy, was a little on the skinny side, and was a chatterbox every morning. He was adopted by one of our Happy Hound employees who has other pets at home, and now they are all one big happy family. We since have heard that Hawke has been known to try and steal neighbor’s lawn ornaments while on walks, likes to torment the cat and talks back. Kat (Hawke’s mom) says she loves the way he tries to argue with her. He clearly has a lot to say! He loves to be trained, and one of his favorite ways to snuggle is wrapping himself around his owner’s head when she lays down.
Happy Hound foster Max


Fun Fact: Known For his great head of hair!

Arrived 1/28/23 – Adopted 3/9/23

Max is a Terrier Mix with a vibrant personality and bounded around with a lot of energy. He also sported the most incredible mane of hair! With the simple wag of his tail he could brighten anyone’s day. Our staff all remembered him being the biggest sweetheart.

Happy Hound foster Opihi


Fun Fact: Adopted in 9 days!

Arrived 11/11/23 – Adopted 11/20/23

A little over 1 year old Pitt mix. Super sweet, very friendly and liked other dogs, he was here for a short time before the handsome man was adopted. Even for a mere 9 days of being in the Happy Hound family we were all taken by Opihi’s charming personality.
Happy Hound foster Roxy

Peppermint Patty (now Roxanne “Roxy”)

Fun Fact: A Frequent Happy Hound Visitor!

Arrived: Unknown – Adopted 9/20/23

A 1-year-old Pitt mix who was super shy when she first got to Happy Hound, she started to warm up, come out of her shell, and let her playful side shine! It was hard to get into her room, but she learned to walk in easily with treat rewards. She still comes to daycare and boards with us and remembers all the staff. Her confidence has grown so much now that she is in a loving home.
Happy Hound foster Charlie


Fun Fact: A social butterfly and loves a good outing!

Arrived 3/30/23 – Adopted 6/26/23

A 9-year-old Taiwan street dog, super sweet, and when you spent one-on-one time with him, he would give you all the snuggles. He was adopted by one of our Happy Hound employees who continues working on Charlie’s socialization by introducing him to a social patio bar setting. Charlie has become more relaxed and enjoys meeting new people and making new friends. Kyle (Charlie’s dad) says that he is loyal and well-behaved at home and has gotten to know all of their friends and goes places with them.
Happy Hound foster Linus

Linus (Currently Available for Adoption)

Fun Fact: His favorite activity? Playing with a ball…endlessly!

Arrived 9/20/23

Could there be an even better name?!? He is currently here at Happy Hound. If you are interested in getting to know Linus a little more please reach out. We do not know his age. He is a Terrier mix little bundle of energy, loves cookies and to give hugs, he’s mastered the art of drifting out in our Barks & Recreation Center Dog Park by running super-fast and then sliding as he turns the corners. He’s also part kangaroo as we found out he has springs for legs and can jump super high. The trainers have been working with him on leash manners. He’s a very enthusiastic player with other dogs and sometimes doesn’t know his off switch. He loves playing with a ball either by himself or with a human.

Happy Hound would like to extend well wishes for a wonderful, healthy, happy New Year. As we move into 2024, we will continue to work with our local partners to find homes for these precious foster furry babies. If you are trying to decide if adopting a dog should be on your 2024 list of things to make happen, we encourage you to take a quick peek at this article that will help you decide if it is the right decision for you and your family – 5 questions to ask yourself before you adopt a dog.