This Valentine’s Day, Shower Your Dog With Some Serious Love

February 1st, 2024

The season of hearts and cupids is all around us this month. Love shows up in our lives in various forms, whether it’s from family, friendships or your partner. But let’s face it, nothing comes close to the unconditional love of our dogs. All love is good, but their love is easy, accepting, and pure.


happy hound with heart on nose


They bring about so much happiness to our lives and those who are lucky enough to share space within their little orbit. They are the kind, slobbery souls that will listen to our endless chatter about our day, making them the most patient listeners around. Although dogs can’t verbally communicate or send us emails or text messages, they have figured out ways to tell us they care and love us wholeheartedly through their non-verbal cues, from cuddling to gazing into our eyes.



Why Dogs Steal Our Hearts

These little furry beings sure know how to capture our affection and adoration. Let’s start by counting all the little ways your four-legged friend makes the best Valentine.

1. No matter what, they love you. And quite literally. They are excited to see you every moment of every day. Have you ever left the house and then remembered you forgot something? It was only a minute, but they still will greet you enthusiastically as though you were gone for hours. You are the center of their world, making their loyalty unwavering.

2. They are so easy to please. They are happy spending Valentine’s Day getting some extra treats, a belly rub, and a snuggle. They don’t need all the fanfare that is expected of this holiday. You can keep your Valentine’s Day casual. Wear those sweatpants and throw on a movie – your dog loves whatever you’re watching these days. Binge-watching some Netflix is even better; it means more cuddle time on the couch.

3. They make us laugh and smile with their little antics. Dogs can do the cutest things. Plus, caring for a dog is proven to make us happier and even healthier! As our companion, they make those lonely days feel a little less lonely when we are in their presence.

4. The bond between you and your dog is unbreakable. It’s the most long-term, solid relationship out there! And your dog gets you. They have a sense of how you are feeling, whether you’re having a bad or good day; they have a strong intuition and can sense your vibe. And when you need it most, they will spoil you with all sorts of affection and slobbery kisses.


7 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special For Your Dog

1. Let them take the lead
Is your dog giving you some cues that they want to go around the block one more time? Or are they stopping every at every step to smell the hundreds of scents they’ve been hit with? This is the day to give them the freedom to take the lead and call the shots. All the sensory sensations are an appreciated gift that will also enhance their well-being!


happy hound in a bubble bath


2. Blissful Pampering
Spa day for the win! Especially during these cool winter months, a warm bath is a delightful treat for your dog. Yes, it’s a way to get all that mud cleaned off that they just rolled in, but it can also mean letting them soak in a massive amount of fun, pet-friendly bubbles. Afterward, you can go above and beyond and make it a VIP deluxe treatment by wrapping them up in a nice fluffy towel. And if your dog doesn’t mind, you can give them a little nail trim, followed by a paw massage. Top it off with a dental treat, making their smile a little brighter and their breathing fresher. They will appreciate all this undivided attention and care.

3. Gifts Galore!
Did someone say shopping spree? Pet stores welcome furry visitors, take them up and down the aisles, and see what they have their eye on. Maybe it’s a favorite treat, or they’ve narrowed in on a bright, squeaky chew toy. They will appreciate any gift, no matter what your budget may be.


I heart dog treats


4. A Feast of Flavors
Maybe it’s a batch of treats or a special dinner of homemade food. A little change up for their taste buds is always a win with these little furry foodies. You can offer a lineup of different types of treats to sample throughout the day. Or make homemade heart-shaped peanut butter treats. This recipe has only 3 ingredients! Or a special dinner of homemade food that meets all the recommended ingredients for a balanced and healthy diet. Whatever you decide, they are bound to lick their chomps at just the sight of something so delicious! They will likely happily devour leftovers, but in case you have some extras, they make a nice surprise gift for your pup’s neighborhood buddies.

5. A Meaningful Donation
Your dog has a heart of gold; if they could talk, they would encourage you to skip buying them the newest, latest toy and instead donate it to a shelter or rescue organization on their behalf. You can donate in your pet’s honor to the shelter or rescue organization that helped you find your furry soul mate. It’s such a beautiful way to honor the wagging love of your life. This big act of kindness helps organizations purchase much-needed supplies while they help dogs find their forever homes. Now, this is a happily after story we can get behind on Valentine’s Day!


happy hound in a sweater with a heart


6. Love Captured
Who doesn’t love a selfie now and then? The memories you share with your dog are meant to be captured every now and then. So take a moment to snap a quick pic of you and your bestie, who always loves cheesing it up for a photo or two. Plus, when we look back at our camera rolls, seeing their furry face in the frame is always a mood booster. You won’t be able to help but smile. Want to get extra fancy? Throw in a Valentine’s Day prop like a heart-shaped cut-out or pillow or put them in a fun new sweater – this one comes in all sizes!

7. A Surprise Outing
Maybe your dog loves to cruise in the car while sticking their face out the window to catch the breeze. This is a small, simple pleasure they will enjoy, even if it is a quick spin around the neighborhood. Your final destination can be their favorite dog park with the added bonus of a coordinated play date with their favorite Fidos. They will have loads of fun running around, fetching their favorite ball, and may even meet some new friends.

Are you feeling extra splurgy and over the top? How about an out-of-town getaway? There are plenty of dog-friendly accommodations and restaurants. Several sites make finding the perfect place for you and your pup easy.


happy hound and human paws hold heart


It goes without saying that Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to go that extra mile to make it special for our furry fido and show them how much we appreciate their presence in our lives. In many ways, they are our better half. And for that, they deserve to be celebrated on this day of love.