A Week for Wagging Tails: Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week!

June 1st, 2024

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Every Single Day, we show our dogs all sorts of love in some kind of capacity, whether it’s giving them a treat, a pet, a kiss on top of their head, a walk, a little couch cuddle, or saying all of those little loving words we feel confident they totally understand. Our lives revolve around them, and we acknowledge how important they are to us. And that’s why a week on the calendar is dedicated to our wet-nosed besties, known as Pet Appreciation Week. It’s a chance for us to spoil them even more than we already do. This year, mark your calendar for June 2- 8th!

What makes Pet Appreciation Week so special? It serves as a reminder to appreciate the pivotal role our pets play in our lives, which we sometimes can take a little for granted because they are always a constant by our side. This week encourages us to pause and shower our four-legged companions with some extra love and care.

A brief history: How did Pet Appreciation Week start? It was created by the American Veterinary Medical Association in 1981 to build awareness around overall pet care and the needs of pets to thrive and be happy, since as pet owners we are their entire world and they depend on us day in and day out. It’s a week to appreciate our pets and recognize the joy they bring to our lives.

Gear up for a week of ultimate fun and undivided attention for your furry pal!

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Why We Should Celebrate our Dogs

They keep us grounded. Dogs have an amazing ability to help us stay in the present moment. Their consistent routines and needs, including daily walks and feeding times, help create a structured environment. This structure can be extremely comforting in a chaotic world, providing a sense of stability and routine that we all crave in some way.

They comfort us. Dogs are natural comforters. Their very presence can be soothing, and their affectionate behaviors, such as snuggling or resting their head on our lap, offer emotional support. They seem to have an instinctive sense of when we need a little extra love and are always there to offer it unconditionally.

They get us up from the couch. Dogs inspire us to stay active. They keep us moving, whether by enthusiastically seeking walks, playtime or simply following us around the house. Regular physical activity improves our health and helps us keep an active lifestyle.

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They are flurry balls of entertainment. Dogs are endlessly entertaining with their playful antics and different personalities. They may make us laugh and bring joy into our lives by chasing their tails, performing tricks, or simply being themselves, turning everyday moments into memorable ones.

They’re our #1 fan. Dogs are persistent in their loyalty and admiration. They greet us with enthusiasm, celebrate our successes, and comfort us during our lows. Their unfailing love and support remind us that we always have a loyal companion by our side, no matter what.

And so much more. Dogs provide numerous benefits in our life. They teach us responsibility and patience, improve our mental health, and we’ve met some other great doggy parents through them! Their presence can even boost our immune systems and reduce stress. Dogs enrich and improve our lives in a variety of ways, big and small.

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We Asked Dog Owners How Their Dogs Make their Lives Brighter.

“For my son who has special needs and has over many years needed to navigate the complexity of social interactions with the outside world, our dogs have been the foundation of unconditional love, acceptance, and friendship. Their love and devotion bring him so much comfort and joy for both the hard and wonderful days.”

“Our favorite guy is the comedian in our house. If you’ve had a bad day, you can always count on our “little gremlin” to make us laugh. He loves a good cuddle and follows us wherever you go. We love him immensely.”

“My dog, Louie, has drastically enriched my life by being the best cuddle buddy on the couch.”

“With two teenagers in the house who are not always excited to see me; my dog has drastically enriched my life by being genuinely excited to see me every day!”

“Even on rainy days my dog gets me outside for a walk. I can’t resist his doggie eyes. I am always glad that I give in because fresh air always makes me feel better!”

“If I’ve had a bad day at school when my dog greets me at the door happily it always makes me feel better.”

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We’ve got some ideas to spoil your dog this week!

We are throwing a couple ideas your way to show your dog all the love. But you know their favorite things, so make sure whatever it is you double up on it! Whether its treats, love or an extra walk around the block!

  • Show off your pet on social media – Let them take the spotlight or capture a selfie of the 2 of you! Maybe add a quick blurb on why they are the best. #petappreciation
  • Do they love a dip in water? Take them to their favorite creek or lake for a swim. Or maybe they prefer the indulgence of a warm bubble bath.
  • Go for a long car ride with the windows down.
  • Explore a new hiking trail together and take in some new sites.
  • A trip to the pet store for their favorite treats, a brand-new toy or a new collar with a personalized tag.
  • Is their cookie jar full? Buy their favorite treat or bake a batch of homemade treats. Let them lick the spoon!
  • A little pampering goes a long way – brush their fur or give out some extra belly scratches.
  • Visit the farmers market and grab some of their favorite fruit or vegetables.
  • Surprise them with a playdate with their favorite furry friends.
  • Check out a new dog park. They can meet new friends and smell new places!
  • Sign them up for a training class to learn a new trick or two.
  • Book that yearly wellness check-up with their vet to keep them healthy and up to date on their vaccinations.
  • Update their cozy corner with a new blanket, pillow or bed.
  • Dance Party! Throw on some music. They also love the entertainment we provide with our dance moves, even if we don’t have the best coordination.

Your dog’s happiness and well-being are worth celebrating. Whatever you decide to do, make sure the center of attention this week is on your favorite tail-wagger. Pet Appreciation Week is not just about spoiling your dog; it’s about acknowledging the way they make us feel like we are the only thing that matters on this earth. That’s a pretty big deal. It’s a time to give back some of the unconditional love and loyalty they offer us year-round. And we guarantee they will appreciate and love every moment of it!