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Trainer Tips: Potty Training Your Happy Hound Whether you have a young pup, an old pup, or a rescue pup, potty training is the first and most essential step to having a happy and healthy life with your pup. Here are some of our top guidelines to properly potty train your happy hound. 1) Keep […]

Does anything inspire more smiles than the carefree, joyous face of a happy dog? Is anything cuter than a wiggly, furry friend wagging his tail in sheer glee? We don’t think so either! That’s why we strive to make every moment in our daycare one that barks with delight. When pets strut into our West […]

It all happens at Happy Hound! We’ve watched dog darlings transform from anxious angels to confident canines and problematic protectors blossom into socialized super pups. Our specialized training team works with each individual family to hone in on what behaviors could use some improvement and what techniques fit best with each dog. Packages are customized […]

It was five years ago when Pit Bull Mix, Eggs, and his French Bulldog sister, Omelette, pranced their way into Happy Hound daycare and directly into our hearts. When we first set our eyes on impossibly adorable Eggs, we melted over his playful gait and soft white fur and the way he casually entered the […]

Welcome to summertime! While the sun heats up the East Bay, you may be wondering how to cool down your furry four-legger with some much-deserved pampering. Lucky for us all, soothing spa treatments are just a trot away from our full-service, five-star dog groomer, Brian. Whether you are looking for a body trim to keep […]

Finding something to do with your best friend on the weekend in the Bay Area couldn’t be easier! Does your companion enjoy baseball almost as much as you do? Then head over to the Oakland Coliseum on Friday, July 14th. All dogs are welcome to the ball park to help cheer on the A’s as […]

Happy Hound Holiday Boarding The holidays are in full swing here at Happy Hound and we couldn’t be merrier! While families are traveling it’s always nice to know that their furry loved ones are getting the best of care. The staff here are devoted to care for every need that you or your dog may […]

It’s that time of year again: the leaves are starting to change, the weather is cooler and children are well into their new school year. Happy Hound is no exception for new “students”. We are fortunate to meet new pups all year round. Happy Hound has three different hound towns that pooches can play in […]

There are a lot of choices for dog foods out there and it’s easy to get lost in the pet food aisle. With increasing prices, random recalls of products and vets telling you to buy one brand while your friend swears by another, it’s no wonder dog-owners are starting to prepare homemade meals for their […]

We have so many wonderful dogs that come to Happy Hound each day, and we wanted to showcase just a few of them. It was difficult to choose only a few dogs, but we look forward to turning the spotlight on more pups in the future. Don’t be surprised to see your favorite pooch front […]