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The last thing we want to do is make you feel rushed or promote a false sense of urgency. We know how “amusing” it is when stores move right from back-to-school sales to promoting Halloween costumes; then Thanksgiving before Halloween is even over; then right into Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Etc. long before Black Friday. Then it’s the New […]

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It’s not like we need an official reason to celebrate how wonderful life can be with a dog by your side, but it’s certainly nice to have a “holiday” everyone can celebrate without buying gifts, needing to decorate our homes in some special way, or offending anyone who prefers to celebrate, say, cats or hamsters. […]

The beautiful thing about dog houses is that they don’t have to be beautiful. If they provide shelter and are built with love, it’s all about what’s on the inside that counts, right? So let’s talk about what makes a dog house a beautiful thing from your dog’s perspective and how to keep one in […]

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Living with a sense of purpose is important for people. Studies have shown time and again that a sense of purpose keeps us healthier, both in mind and body. A sense of purpose is key to achieving wellbeing and happiness.  This is also true for your best friend in the world—your pooch.  A sense of […]

If you love dogs as much as we do, you will want to bring Rover along on your summer vacation or family road trip. But having your pooch in tow on your summer travels requires careful planning. You need to know what’s right for your pup physically and emotionally. You also need to have an […]

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The right diet, exercise and vaccinations—not to mention ample hugs and kisses—are essential for keeping Rover robust—both in body and in mind.    Preparedness is also key, however. Accidents happen. Dogs are always eating stuff off the ground. They get sores, which they can’t help but lick. And the vet isn’t always available, or affordable. […]

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Warmer weather is coming, and much like us, your dog could probably use a refresh in the grooming department. While it is important to keep up with your dog’s grooming year-round, spring cleaning season is a great reminder to get back on track or start a new habit. Happy Hound in Oakland, California, offers the […]

On the heel of National Train Your Dog Month in January, how is your dog training progressing in February? If you never quite started training your pup, consider professional dog training from Happy Hound. We offer different courses to suit different ages, breeds and temperaments. Or maybe you started training but have hit a plateau […]

As another year begins, many of us resolve to improve ourselves or contribute more to our community. Why leave Fido out of the fun? Many common New Year’s resolutions we make for ourselves – eat right, exercise, more quality time together, make great goals for your dog, too. Committing to healthy goals for the new […]

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Having a new puppy during the holiday season can be wonderful – and a lot of work. Cold, wet weather means a lot more inside time and fewer opportunities to meet other dogs on walks or at the dog park. Be prepared to get creative – and a little wet – while training and socializing […]

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