Having a new puppy during the holiday season can be wonderful – and a lot of work. Cold, wet weather means a lot more inside time and fewer opportunities to meet other dogs on walks or at the dog park. Be prepared to get creative – and a little wet – while training and socializing […]

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In Northern California, we get to enjoy mild winters. However, when the sun drops, so do the temperatures. So you want to ensure that your senior dog stays warm and free from joint pain, especially if you travel to ski country. Senior dogs tend to get colder quicker, have more health issues and generally need […]

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As we enter spooky season and the weather cools, why not add a warm, furry friend to cuddle up with when things get scary or cold? Since 1981, October has been Adopt-A-Dog Month to promote shelter dog adoptions. Puppies were popular during quarantine, and many shelters actually ran out of dogs! But the shelters always […]

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Fall is here and it’s time for back-to-school and in 2021, back-to-the-office. After more than a year of being at home, your dog has gotten used to you being around and available. So how do you help them – and you – transition successfully to more time spent apart? We’ve got some tips and tricks […]

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Many of us are planning more summer getaways this year. Whether you are going on a road trip, flying across the country or exploring the great outdoors, sometimes you can’t bring your dog along. Some campsites don’t allow dogs, your dog may not do well in the car for long periods, or flying restrictions may […]

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At Happy Hound, our qualified staff’s only goal is to ensure that your dog has a great time and is well-taken care of during their stay. We understand that many dogs are afraid to be left in a new place or be away from their humans. So we have tailored our entire facility for all […]

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June is Pet Preparedness Month, and it’s a great reminder to plan for an emergency or evacuation. Hopefully, you have an emergency kit, or Go Bag, with first aid supplies, water and other survival necessities for yourself. But do you have a plan for your pet(s)? Do you have a place to go? Before wildfire […]

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May is the official National Pet Month, but all pet owners know that every month is all about our pets. Aside from pampering your own pooch, National Pet Month was created to bring awareness to the lesser known benefits of owning a pet, including the importance and value of service and companion animals. It is […]

Like many of us, dogs often live a more sedentary lifestyle than their bodies are designed to. And, just like us, canines need to stay active and exercise to not only stay at a healthy weight but to improve their overall health and well-being. Being overweight or obese has been found to cause sore joints, […]

Here at Happy Hound, we think every day is Puppy Day, but there is an official “National Puppy Day” on March 23rd! Did you adopt a “Quarantine Dog,” or are you thinking about adopting a puppy? You don’t need to wait until National Puppy Day to learn more about the joys – and responsibilities – […]