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Training Your Puppy to be Social, Polite, and Independent A Special Place Designed for Your Special Puppy At Happy Hound’s Puppy Nursery, your puppy will enjoy the amenities and care required for healthy development. Our facility includes: Loving one on one care and affection Air conditioning and heating to keep your puppy nice and comfortable […]

Vacation season is right around the corner. And while it’s great to be able to leave your dog with us and know all their needs are taken care of, sometimes you want to be traveling with your dog, too! Below are 5 tips you need to know for successfully traveling with your furry co-pilot. 1. […]

If your dog is always begging for food, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common behavior issues you can face with your dog. And who can blame you? When your furry friend looks up at you with big eyes and thumping tail, it’s hard not to give in! The good news is, following […]

You might have seen it before and wondered ‘why does my dog eat grass?’ Maybe your dog gobbles up patches of grass any chance he gets and then promptly throws it up. Or maybe your dog selects a few particular blades and they digest just fine. It’s a common behavior that takes many shapes and baffles […]

If your dog is chewing, it’s a normal healthy sign of an active pooch. But it’s frustrating when chewing on toys turns into chewing on your new shoes, your furniture, or your hands and feet. Here are the five steps you need to curb your dog’s chewing before it becomes a problem: 1. Rule out medical problems. […]

If your dog has ever come home from a romp in the mud or an encounter with a skunk, you may be asking yourself ‘how do I give my dog a bath?’ If the groomer are fully booked or are closed until next Monday, here are keys to washing your dirty dawg. Make It Fun […]

Being a dog owner comes with lots of wet kisses, sweet cuddles, and a friend whenever you need one. But it also comes with lots of responsibilities: walks, vet visits, training, cleaning up after them. So when it comes to your busy life, we want to help make your life as a dog owner a little […]

It’s never fun when your canine companion barks every time someone comes to the door, or when they see a dog while driving in the car with you. It can be a persistent and challenging problem to correct. So what’s a dog owner to do when their dog won’t stop barking? 1. Be consistent with […]

Your dog thinks you are wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that he has a hard time being without you! Knowing that your dog can’t bear to be without you can be cute at first, but if your dog has real separation anxiety, it can be difficult to do anything from going grocery shopping to taking a family […]

It’s February, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And we at Happy Hound love our dogs just as much as the special people in our life. But dogs speak a different language than we do, so how can you tell your dogs you love them in a way they understand? Below are 3 […]