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Dog training and instilling doggy manners is about much more than teaching your dog to adhere to a set amount of commands.

Living with a sense of purpose is important for people. Studies have shown time and again that a sense of purpose keeps us healthier, both in mind and body. A sense of purpose is key to achieving wellbeing and happiness.  This is also true for your best friend in the world—your pooch.  A sense of […]

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On the heel of National Train Your Dog Month in January, how is your dog training progressing in February? If you never quite started training your pup, consider professional dog training from Happy Hound. We offer different courses to suit different ages, breeds and temperaments. Or maybe you started training but have hit a plateau […]

Whether you adopted your first ‘quarantine pup’ or added another fur baby to your family, puppy training is imperative to ensure your dog can live its happiest, most stress-free life. Many of us are staying home a lot more, so now is the perfect chance to dedicate some quality time to training your pooch. Whether […]

Trainer Tips: Potty Training Your Happy Hound Whether you have a young pup, an old pup, or a rescue pup, potty training is the first and most essential step to having a happy and healthy life with your pup. Here are some of our top guidelines to properly potty train your happy hound. 1) Keep […]

It all happens at Happy Hound! We’ve watched dog darlings transform from anxious angels to confident canines and problematic protectors blossom into socialized super pups. Our specialized training team works with each individual family to hone in on what behaviors could use some improvement and what techniques fit best with each dog. Packages are customized […]

Ever wonder what Happy Hound could do for you? Check out Dominique’s experience in the board and train program. “I’ve definitely been super vigilant with Dido, and it seems to be working, especially when it comes to walks. I’ve noticed she looks up at me more often when I give her commands. Not only that, […]

“Your training program has worked wonders. We have noticed a huge difference. Colonel is so much better behaved now. His testing of boundaries is greatly reduced, he’s no longer going to the trash or cat area, he barks at the neighbor less, and he seems calmer overall. We can also get him to chill out […]

You’ve asked our dog training experts what you can do to make sure you have a well trained dog, and we’ve got your dog training tips below! 1. Exercise If you exercise your dog and tire him out, you will have a lot easier of a time training your dog. Without too much pent up energy, […]

If you’ve got a new dog at home and you’re wondering where to start with training, use these top 10 dog training tips right away. 1. Listen to your dog  If your dog appears uncomfortable meeting another dog or person, don’t insist he say hello. Forcing your puppy to do things he’s resistant to can […]