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As another year begins, many of us resolve to improve ourselves or contribute more to our community. Why leave Fido out of the fun? Many common New Year’s resolutions we make for ourselves – eat right, exercise, more quality time together, make great goals for your dog, too. Committing to healthy goals for the new […]

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In Northern California, we get to enjoy mild winters. However, when the sun drops, so do the temperatures. So you want to ensure that your senior dog stays warm and free from joint pain, especially if you travel to ski country. Senior dogs tend to get colder quicker, have more health issues and generally need […]

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May is the official National Pet Month, but all pet owners know that every month is all about our pets. Aside from pampering your own pooch, National Pet Month was created to bring awareness to the lesser known benefits of owning a pet, including the importance and value of service and companion animals. It is […]

Like many of us, dogs often live a more sedentary lifestyle than their bodies are designed to. And, just like us, canines need to stay active and exercise to not only stay at a healthy weight but to improve their overall health and well-being. Being overweight or obese has been found to cause sore joints, […]

When was the last time you brushed your dog’s teeth? While it may seem silly to brush an animal’s teeth, it is actually very important to their overall health. Not only can bad teeth and gums cause bad breath, but they can also cause other health issues. From infections to painful abscesses, poor oral hygiene […]

It’s always a good idea to keep your pet active and stimulated. During the summer, it’s smart to make a few adjustments. Accommodating for the breed and health of your dog, exercising outdoors in summer is healthy, safe and fun! Those with longer snouts – hounds, Dalmatians – and shorter coats – beagles, chihuahuas – […]

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If you’re getting restless being cooped up at home, your dog is probably feeling the same! Boredom in canines can lead to misbehaving or destructive behavior and sometimes even anxiety or low moods. It’s important to keep your pet mentally stimulated and entertained, beyond just regular walks or being put outside. They really want to […]

Splashing in puddles, rolling in grass, swimming in creeks, and shedding, shedding, shedding. Ah, it’s a dog’s life…but, aahh! it’s a clean home nightmare! With more and more of us working from home these days, we’re all looking for tips on how to keep our space as clean and as pleasant as possible. To help […]